Ultrasound Pictures

Brad and I had a 4D ultrasound done so that we could see more of Jaxson.  It was the neatest thing I have ever seen.  It was like a video camera in the womb.  We watched him move around all over the place and even yawn.  The sonographer says that he looks perfect and has some of the chubbiest cheeks she’s seen on a baby his age.  We’ll blame that on his dad.  We were also able to count his 10 fingers and 10 toes. . . so that was reassuring.  It will be fun to compare these pictures to him in person when he decides to grace us with his presence.























Our First Blog

Hey everyone. . . I just set up a blog site for our little family.  I thought that this would be quite handy for all of our family and friends, especially those that are far away, to stay caught up on what the Cathcarts are doing.  This will be especially nice when Jaxson comes along because we can also post pictures. I have several friends that have these sites and it is so nice because we get to stay caught up on their lives and it keeps them from having to send out so many emails to many different people that say a lot of the same things.  It might take us a little time to figure out how to do everything, but hopefully we’ll get it in time for the new arrival.  Please send us any comments because we would love to hear from all of you.  — Stephanie