Ultrasound Pictures

Brad and I had a 4D ultrasound done so that we could see more of Jaxson.  It was the neatest thing I have ever seen.  It was like a video camera in the womb.  We watched him move around all over the place and even yawn.  The sonographer says that he looks perfect and has some of the chubbiest cheeks she’s seen on a baby his age.  We’ll blame that on his dad.  We were also able to count his 10 fingers and 10 toes. . . so that was reassuring.  It will be fun to compare these pictures to him in person when he decides to grace us with his presence.























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  1. Belinda
    Jun 25, 2006 @ 16:37:07

    The last two US photos I can definitely see the baby’s face but that first one looks like a penis. I mean, you can’t see his nose or his eyes so I didn’t know what view I was seeing until I read the words on their that said “yawn”. DUH me! He looks like a keeper!! It’ll be interesting to see him in a few weeks. How much work do you get to take off? Will Brad get any time off with you?


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