33 Weeks

Well, I have reached the 33rd week of my pregnancy and everything is going as planned.  I am actually quite comfortable at this point; I think I can handle this pregnancy thing for a few more weeks.  Right now Brad and I are getting the house ready and getting little things done so that we don’t have to worry about them once the baby comes.  We did make quite a large purchase tonight for little Cathcart.  We went out and bought a minivan.  Yes. . . a minivan.  We got a 2006 Kia Sedona and I have to say I am quite excited to actually bring it home and drive it.  Most of you know that I’ve been driving my 1999 Cavalier for several years now, know that I will be excited for the little things that most people take for granted, like power locks and windows and even a CD player.  At first I didn’t want a minivan; I wanted to get an SUV instead because they are more sporty and cooler; however, all of my friends with kids said to get a minivan.  So I took their advice and I’m sure that I will be glad that I did.


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  1. Amber
    Jul 11, 2006 @ 14:47:38

    Glad to hear you’re doing well and definitely congrats on the minivan! You will be the coolest minivan family 🙂 Thanks for the updates!


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