First Visit to Hubbard

This Sunday, Jaxson and I made the quick trip to Hubbard, which was Jaxson’s first time.  Jaxson got to meet and play with some of his family for the first time. He also got to wish Grandpa Winter a Happy Birthday.

Lounging with Uncle Brandon
Great Aunt Marilyn
Great Uncle Randy
Great Uncle Kenny
"Happy Birthday Grandpa"

Game Day

Since it’s Saturday, it is Hawkeye game day at the Cathcart house.  Once again Jaxson had so much confidence in the Hawkeyes that he slept right through the game.  Jaxson is five weeks old today and has met some more milestones.  He started smiling on Thursday. I can tell it’s a real smile because he makes a very cute noise with it and it’s always been when we are playing with him.  He’s been smiling since the day he was born, but it was usually accompanied by a bodily function, so this is much more fun and exciting.  He also grew out of his newborn diapers, we are officially using the #1 diapers now.  We will see what this next week brings.  Tonight is Andy’s bachelor party, so Brad will be out with the boys.  Jaxson and I will probably just hang out at home and watch what’s on Tivo.  Tomorrow we are going to go up to Hubbard to visit my family.

By Request

My sister’s good friend, Susan, and her daughter, Kennedy, want to see a picture of Auntie Tanya with Jaxson, so here it is. . .

Maybe we can get some more pictures tomorrow night when Auntie babysits while Brad and I go out to eat for our 3rd anniversary.

Just Hangin’ Out

I feel that’s what Jaxson and I do most of the time.  It was nice getting out this weekend to go to Mindy’s shower and bachelorette party.  For the bachelorette party we had a great time at The Wine Experience where we did a wine tasting on the “patio.” There’s a funny story behind the “patio.”  The Wine Experience is located at the Jordan Creek Mall and is attached to Younkers.  It turns out that the “patio” was indoor, which was located between women’s apparel and customer service.  So as we were doing our wine tasting, we got to watch the shoppers walk by with their goods. At least we didn’t have to deal with the wind or bugs emoticon .  It was also very nice to watch the Iowa v ISU game!!  Way to go Hawks!  Yesterday, Jaxson and I went up to Ames to show him off at my mom’s workplace.  It’s a good thing we went to Cyclone country before I wrote this blog, otherwise they might not have let us in the door.  I considered dressing him in his Iowa outfit for the visit, but thought that might be taking it a little too far.  That’s all of our excitement for now, here’s some more adorable pics. . .

“I love my Grandpa Steve”
The blanket that my grandma’s friend, Ginny, made special for Jaxson.

4 Weeks Old!

Tomorrow Jaxson will be four weeks old.  My baby is growing up so fast!  Jaxson and I managed a week at home by ourselves.  We went for walks and I even took him downtown today to run an errand and we did just fine. Yesterday, North 6 had a baby shower for us, which was very nice.  It was a joint baby shower for another nurse and I.  She had twin girls two weeks before Jaxson.  So there were babies everywhere getting passed around. Tomorrow we have Mindy’s bridal shower and bachelorette party.  Jaxson will get to experience his first bridal shower and then he will be at home that night with Daddy and Grandpa Steve, who is going to help babysit and is very excited about it. Of course Brad will be going to the Iowa v. ISU game tomorrow morning and he is taking his longtime friend, Ben, who is an ISU fan. Hopefully they come home still friends.  GO HAWKS!!!

Nurse Leslie and one of Jaxson’s funny faces.
Nurses Paula and Sharon with one of the twins
“Mom, I just woke up.  Leave me alone.”
Another one of his funny faces
He loves the bath

Rolled Over!

Yes, that’s right!  Jaxson rolled over for us on his three week birthday.  He was playing on his tummy when he got mad and went from his side then to his back and he does it everytime we put him on his tummy now.  He has yet to master going from his back to his tummy, which is OK with me.  Grandma Kris was here this last week to spend time with Jaxson and to help us out.  She made Brad and I go on a date on Friday night, so we went to Champps for supper and then to the football movie “Invicible.”  The movie was great!  It was nice getting out of the house, but we did miss the little guy the short time that we were gone.  This will be the first week that Jaxson and I are home all alone during the days.  Today went OK.  By the time Brad got home I was ready to get out of the house, so I made him take us to the mall to walk around and to look for an outfit for Jaxson for Andy and Mindy’s wedding.  We were unsuccessful, but Daddy did find Jaxson a onesie that says “Hello-o-o Ladies” on it and of course another Iowa outfit that he had to buy.  Well, it’s 11:30 pm and everyone is now fed, clean, and asleep . . . except for me, so I’m going to go.

1st Dr. Appointment

Jaxson had his 1st Dr. appointment today and he got an A+.   He weighed in at 8 lbs 15 oz, which I guess is really good.  They were only expecting him to be at his birthweight, which was 8 lbs.  We knew he was a little piggie, but not that much of one.  He’s also grown 1 inch.  The Dr. was very impressed with how strong he is.  He said that Jaxson has the neck strength of a 4 month old and is much stronger all-around than an average 2 week old.  Yes, I have to brag because that’s what mom’s do.  Grandma Kris is here for a few days this week helping out and spoiling Jaxson.

Visit from friend Sue Dubberke
Silly boy

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