Busy Week!

This was a busy week with visitors and appointments for Jaxson.  We had Jaxson’s first professional pictures taken on Wednesday.  He did very well considering that it was during his naptime.  He stayed awake for all of the pictures and then took a very long nap when all was done.  Then after pictures were done, we went over to Andy and Mindy’s new apartment, which they were moving in to.  Can’t say we helped at all, but Grandma Cathcart was able to get a dose of Jaxson.  Then on Thursday, I had an appointment with the midwives, which I am pleased to announce that I am on the mend.  My hemoglobin is up to 11.9, which is GREAT!!!!  Then we all went over to the hospital to visit all of our friends on North 5 and 6 (where Brad and I work).  Of course Jaxson got passed around for everyone to see.  It was good getting out of the house, but I have to say that it is also nice to get home.  We also had visitors this week from Brad’s boss, Mary, and our friend Kelli and her daughter Emma, Ben and Jacquie Warrick.  My best friend Jill surprised us lastnight with a visit, which was wonderful because I had not expected that at all. Grandpa and Grandma Hendricks and Grandpa and Grandma Winter and Dru came and saw us today.  Brad went to the first Iowa FB game today in Iowa City.  They played Montana and won.  GO HAWKS!! Jaxson and I stayed at home and watched it on TV in our Iowa gear.  Jaxson is starting to get on some sort of schedule.  He usually wakes up twice in the night, around 1:30 and 5, which I don’t think is too bad considering I was used to getting up around 1 to go to the bathroom and 5 to go to work.  Here are some pics from this week:

Kelli and Emma
Brad’s friend Ben
Jill Hauan
Grandpa Winter
Worn out from cheering on the Hawkeyes

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  1. B
    Sep 03, 2006 @ 07:13:06

    I hardly recognized Kelli and I even forgot she had a daughter. It’s fun to see familiar faces on here. Go Hawks is right! Go Texans too!
    I remember bringing Jaelyn and Braden up to N6 after they were born. It just makes a mom proud to hear how cute her baby is. Makes all the pain on childbirth worth it.


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