Rolled Over!

Yes, that’s right!  Jaxson rolled over for us on his three week birthday.  He was playing on his tummy when he got mad and went from his side then to his back and he does it everytime we put him on his tummy now.  He has yet to master going from his back to his tummy, which is OK with me.  Grandma Kris was here this last week to spend time with Jaxson and to help us out.  She made Brad and I go on a date on Friday night, so we went to Champps for supper and then to the football movie “Invicible.”  The movie was great!  It was nice getting out of the house, but we did miss the little guy the short time that we were gone.  This will be the first week that Jaxson and I are home all alone during the days.  Today went OK.  By the time Brad got home I was ready to get out of the house, so I made him take us to the mall to walk around and to look for an outfit for Jaxson for Andy and Mindy’s wedding.  We were unsuccessful, but Daddy did find Jaxson a onesie that says “Hello-o-o Ladies” on it and of course another Iowa outfit that he had to buy.  Well, it’s 11:30 pm and everyone is now fed, clean, and asleep . . . except for me, so I’m going to go.


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