Child of God

Jaxson was baptized yesterday at Lutheran Church of Hope and it went very well although he still isn’t completely over his cold.  He slept through the whole church service so he could be awake for his baptism, which followed the service.  He was so adorable in his white satin outfit.  He wasn’t too happy when Daddy held his head over the baptismal font (aka the punch bowl, which I will explain in a little bit) but he did give Pator Richard a couple big smiles when he made a cross on his forehead with oil. It was such a neat experience and I was so glad that we could have all of our parents and siblings there to celebrate the day with us.  Now about the punch bowl. . . some of you know our pastor Mike and how he gets so into his sermons.  Yesterday it was about David and Goliath and how David overtook Goliath because he had God with him.  Pastor Mike was relating it to our everday lives by talking about how we all have huge obstacles to overcome.  He was talking about how the church has a huge obstacle because we are just running out of room and have no where else to put people for worship and for fellowship.  He has wanted to knock out one of the walls in the current sanctuary and double the size of that room, but funds just weren’t there.  Recently we had a giving campaign and raised millions of dollars for the new addition and had enough money left over to knock out the wall and to make more room.  So Pastor Mike told the congregation about this new plan and expressed his excitement about it by throwing a rock, which was rather large like what David used to kill Goliath, at the wall, which then flew off and hit the baptismal font and shattered it.  It was actually pretty funny.  They had to have about eight people come up with buckets, towels and a mop to clean up the mess in the middle of his sermon.  This will be a great story to tell Jaxson when he gets older about why he was baptized out of a punch bowl.

Godparents:  Andy, Tanya, and Brandon
Levi, Grandma Winter, Dru, and Grandpa Winter
Jaxson’s cake
Grandma and Grandpa Cathcart
Grandma and Grandpa Hendricks
Tanya and Heath
Jaxson using my baptismal blanket
My baptism day in 1981 with the same blanket.  I was 5 weeks old.

Sick Boy

Jaxson had his first cold this week and has been such a loving son to pass it on to his mommy and we think his daddy now too.  Eventhough he wasn’t feeling well, he was still a very pleasant and happy baby; which I am very thankful for.  He’s just getting over his cold and mine started on Thursday and has been the worst today, so I asked Brad to stay home from the Iowa FB game to help me out so that I can get some rest.  But as you can see I’m not resting, instead I’m playing around on the computer.  So we are missing out on my nephew, Kenneth’s, 2nd birthday party today.  I thought that was probably the best since Jaxson has a very big day tomorrow with getting baptized and having a little party with family.  Our church does a special service after the regular service just for the baptisms.  Then we’re going out to eat at Bravo, an Italian restaurant, and then coming back to our house to do cake, punch, and presents.  We will take lots of pictures so that all of you can see them.  Here’s some pics from this week. As you will see he is now holding a rattle.  He does very well with holding it and putting it in his mouth.  He smiles and coos all the time now and I think he will be giggling any day now, which I am so excited to hear.

Weekend in Hubbard

We had a busy weekend!  It started on Friday night when we went back to Hubbard once Brad got home from work.  Then on Saturday, Mom and I went up to our storage shed in town and looked through all of the toys that we had when we were little.  We found a bunch of books, wood blocks, and I took my brother’s male Cabbage Patch doll and his Care Bear.  I don’t think he’ll care.  I guess we’ll see if he reads the blog.  It was so fun to look through all of that old stuff.  We even found my baptismal outfit and blanket.  It’s perfect timing because Jaxson will be baptized this coming weekend. He has his own outfit, but he’s going to use my blanket. Saturday afternoon some friends in Hubbard had a baby shower for us at my mom’s.  We had a great time seeing family and friends, for most of them it was the first time seeing Jaxson.  Jaxson did well at the shower and he enjoyed all of the presents that he got.  A big thank you to Barb Raska, Casey Balvanz, and Brenda Buckley for throwing us a very nice shower.  Saturday evening we went and saw my dad, his wife, and Dru. Then on Sunday we came back to Des Moines and met Andy, Mindy, and our good family friends Cindy & Nels Lindquist for lunch at Granite City.  We had a great time visiting with them and the food there is excellent.  We are really enjoying listening to Jaxson coo and make all sorts of cute noises.  I have to say it is the best sound I’ve ever heard.   We are enjoying everday to the fullest!!

High School friends, Tami and Crystal, playing "What’s that brown stuff in the dirty diaper?"
Nancy Winter, Jayne Leerberg, and Kris Buckley playing the game
Tanya with Kade, Heath’s son.
Connor, Kenneth, and Jaxson
Barb’s got the touch
Heath and Tanya
Jaxson with Uncle Brandon’s cowboy hat on

2 Month Check-Up . . . Ouchie!

Jaxson had his 2 month check up today and he got three shots!!  He did much better than I thought he would and I was also very proud of myself because I didn’t cry.  He screamed for a couple minutes then he was just fine.  Tonight, he’s been playing and cooing, you wouldn’t even know that he had shots.  He weighed in at 13 lbs. 7 ounces, which puts him in the 90th percentile. . . BIG BOY!!  He is 23 inches long, which is the 70th percentile.  The Dr. was very pleased and said that he is just perfect.  He gets another A+.  Tomorrow we are going back to Hubbard for another baby shower for Jaxson.  It will be a lot of fun to see family and friends back there.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Brad’s New Toy

Since I got the minivan, Brad got a truck. . . it’s only fair, right?  He got a black Chevy Colorado that is big enough to fit the whole fam.  He’s pretty excited about it.  He even let me take it out for a drive tonight.  I like it and I’m excited about getting rid of the two-door vehicles.

Another Weekend Gone By

This weekend was pretty uneventful.  I did a little shopping for Jaxson on Saturday at Babies R Us; had to get him some warm jammies for the weather change.  Also looked for a baptismal gown but they didn’t have his size, so I’ll have to keep looking.  I’m not even going to talk about the Hawkeye game.  Then Saturday night, my friend Jill was in town so we all went out to eat at Fridays.  If you haven’t tried their fried Mac n Cheese you are truly missing out.  It was awesome!!!  We had a great time and Jaxson enjoyed seeing Jill too.  We got some good tips from her because she has her degree in early childhood education; she was full of all sorts of good information.  Today we are hanging out again.  Grandpa Steve is here and is a nice pillow for Jaxson.  I’m working on getting some laundry and scrapbooking done.  I thought I better take advantage of it while I can.  I’m not looking foward to this next week when Jaxson goes in for his 2 month check up, which means he gets shots.  I don’t know who will cry more, me or him.  I’ll let you know. 

Early Halloween

Brad and I decided tonight that we would put Jaxson in his Halloween costume and take some pictures with him and the pumpkin, since the pumpkin probably won’t be any good on Halloween.  He looked absolutely adorable in his bumble bee outfit. 

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