Another Saturday

Today was just a regular ol’ Saturday, which means that Brad is at the Iowa FB game and Jaxson and I are at home watching it on TV in our Iowa gear.  But this week Tanya came over to watch the game with us and then Grandma Kris came over later on, which gave me a chance to get outside and do some yardwork and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Nothing too exciting went on this week.  I had my 6- week postpartum check with the midwives, which went well.  I asked my midwife how often she had seen the same situation as what happened to me (surgery and blood transfusions) during delivery.   She said that I was maybe her third case like that in her eight years of practice.  Yeah, I like to do things the hard way.  Jaxson is 7 weeks today and continues to get bigger and bigger and bigger. . .  A rough estimate on his weight is about 13 lbs.  That’s with me stepping on the scale with him.  Everyone that picks him up says that he’s “a solid boy.”  Tomorrow I have to go pick up the newlyweds (Andy & Mindy) at the airport.  I am excited to hear all about Puerto Vallarta. . . OK, maybe not ALL about it.   OH, I lied, we did have something exciting happen this week.  We had a fugitive loose in our area.  Yes, a real fugitive.  We had US Marshals walking around with guns and cops all over the place and a helicopter circling above our house.  I guess he escaped from the cops and is still on the run, which is real comforting.  On a lighter note, here’s some cute pics. . .

Pam Jach, my midwife that delivered Jaxson
Thanks for the adorable onesie Aunt Connie!!
I had to put this one on here.  What a face Jaxson!!
Jaxson says, “Uh, duh Aunt Tanya.  Why are you wearing that shirt?”

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