Sick Boy

Jaxson had his first cold this week and has been such a loving son to pass it on to his mommy and we think his daddy now too.  Eventhough he wasn’t feeling well, he was still a very pleasant and happy baby; which I am very thankful for.  He’s just getting over his cold and mine started on Thursday and has been the worst today, so I asked Brad to stay home from the Iowa FB game to help me out so that I can get some rest.  But as you can see I’m not resting, instead I’m playing around on the computer.  So we are missing out on my nephew, Kenneth’s, 2nd birthday party today.  I thought that was probably the best since Jaxson has a very big day tomorrow with getting baptized and having a little party with family.  Our church does a special service after the regular service just for the baptisms.  Then we’re going out to eat at Bravo, an Italian restaurant, and then coming back to our house to do cake, punch, and presents.  We will take lots of pictures so that all of you can see them.  Here’s some pics from this week. As you will see he is now holding a rattle.  He does very well with holding it and putting it in his mouth.  He smiles and coos all the time now and I think he will be giggling any day now, which I am so excited to hear.


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