Child of God

Jaxson was baptized yesterday at Lutheran Church of Hope and it went very well although he still isn’t completely over his cold.  He slept through the whole church service so he could be awake for his baptism, which followed the service.  He was so adorable in his white satin outfit.  He wasn’t too happy when Daddy held his head over the baptismal font (aka the punch bowl, which I will explain in a little bit) but he did give Pator Richard a couple big smiles when he made a cross on his forehead with oil. It was such a neat experience and I was so glad that we could have all of our parents and siblings there to celebrate the day with us.  Now about the punch bowl. . . some of you know our pastor Mike and how he gets so into his sermons.  Yesterday it was about David and Goliath and how David overtook Goliath because he had God with him.  Pastor Mike was relating it to our everday lives by talking about how we all have huge obstacles to overcome.  He was talking about how the church has a huge obstacle because we are just running out of room and have no where else to put people for worship and for fellowship.  He has wanted to knock out one of the walls in the current sanctuary and double the size of that room, but funds just weren’t there.  Recently we had a giving campaign and raised millions of dollars for the new addition and had enough money left over to knock out the wall and to make more room.  So Pastor Mike told the congregation about this new plan and expressed his excitement about it by throwing a rock, which was rather large like what David used to kill Goliath, at the wall, which then flew off and hit the baptismal font and shattered it.  It was actually pretty funny.  They had to have about eight people come up with buckets, towels and a mop to clean up the mess in the middle of his sermon.  This will be a great story to tell Jaxson when he gets older about why he was baptized out of a punch bowl.

Godparents:  Andy, Tanya, and Brandon
Levi, Grandma Winter, Dru, and Grandpa Winter
Jaxson’s cake
Grandma and Grandpa Cathcart
Grandma and Grandpa Hendricks
Tanya and Heath
Jaxson using my baptismal blanket
My baptism day in 1981 with the same blanket.  I was 5 weeks old.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jared
    Oct 30, 2006 @ 17:39:45

    Nice church, same one I go too!


  2. paulin
    Oct 30, 2006 @ 18:09:47

    helo jaxson, welcome to the family of heaven. from jogjakarta, indonesia, i pray that may the lord jesus, the source of all love and blessing, be with you always.


  3. Jason, Brandy & Anya McArtor
    Oct 30, 2006 @ 20:02:44

    Welcome to the family of God, Jaxson. We love you!


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