Last night was another first for Jaxson.  He slept in his crib all night!  He went to bed at 8:00 and got up this morning at 7:15 to eat and then went back to bed until 9:00.  What a tired boy!!  And of course as new parents, I got up at 2am to check on him because I hadn’t heard a peep out of him and Brad checked on him at 6:00 before going to work.  Let’s just hope that this continues. 


Happy Thanksgiving!

This was Jaxson’s first Thanksgiving and he enjoyed himself very much.  We went up to Grandpa and Grandma Cathcart’s on Wed. and celebrated Thanksgiving with both of our families.  We had 11 people at the 4th Annual Cathcart/Hendricks Thanksgiving and as always it was a lot of fun.  We had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, watched some football, and played the game Apples to Apples, which I am happy to report that I won.  We headed back to Des Moines today after stopping at Jen and Tanner Carlson’s house, who are high school friends of Brads.  It was great seeing them and their three beautiful and lively little girls.  Jaxson was very entertained by them.  Then when we got home, Brad and I put up some of our Christmas decorations outside.  We had to take advantage of the beautiful weather while it’s here.  I head back to work tomorrow and of course not looking forward to it and Brad is excited to have some quality time with Jaxson.

The adult table
The tryptophan has kicked in

Work Work Work. . .

My first weekend back at work went very well; much better than I thought it would.  It was hard leaving the house Saturday morning, but I was able to do it eventhough it made me sick to my stomach.  Once I got to work I did just fine.  All of my coworkers were so supportive.  It took me a little while to get back into the swing of things, but by afternoon it felt like I hadn’t even been gone.  Luckily I kept busy and didn’t have much time to sit and think about how much I would have rather been at home.  I did manage to call home three times.  Brad and Jaxson did just fine without me.  Grandma and Grandpa Cathcart came down for the weekend to help out and play with Jaxson, which both Brad and I appreciated very much.

We are very excited for this week because it’s the 4th Annual Cathcart/Hendricks Thanksgiving!!  Yes, that’s right!  My family and Brad’s family get along so well that we have Thanksgiving together.  This year it’s going to be at Steve and Kris’ in Gowrie.  We drink wine, eat, drink wine, play games, and drink wine. It’s always a lot of fun.  I will be sure to take lots of pictures and post them when we get back.  I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

3 Months

It just doesn’t seem possible that our little boy will be 3 months old on Sunday.  It has gone so fast and has been so much fun!  Brad and I took him to get his picture taken today and we wanted to share just a few of them with you.  He started off doing great and then he got very tired, but he did the best that he could. . . what a little trooper.

"Mom, I don’t fit in this box!"

My Last Free Weekend

That’s right, this was my last weekend before going back to work.  For the most part I’m not ready to go back, but there is a small part of me that is ready for more adult conversation and more activity.  So this weekend it’s going to be Daddy day care plus Grandma.  Grandma Cathcart is going to come down and help Brad for his first weekend on duty.  This last weekend was another busy one.  Brad went to the last Iowa home game on Saturday, which once again didn’t turn out the way that we had hoped.  While Brad was at the game, Jaxson and I went to a friend’s wedding here in Des Moines.  Brad and I went to the reception that night while Andy and Mindy babysat.  This was Uncle Andy’s first time babysitting and I guess he was pretty nervous.  He changed his very first diaper ever with some help from Mindy.  Then on Sunday morning we went back to Gowrie to go to church with Grandma and Grandpa Cathcart; what an experience that was.  Church was packed and right when it started Jaxson messed his pants, which required an outfit change, so Kris and I got up to go change Bubba.  Then during the sermon when it was pretty quiet, except for Jaxson talking, he decided to really unload in his pants, which received quite a few laughs from the surrounding pews.  We tried to wait it out until church was over, but Jaxson thought differently because he didn’t want to sit there another second longer, so once again we got up to go change him.   Jaxson also got his first Christmas present this weekend from our family friends Tom and Bev Clark from Chicago, which happened to be several Chicago Bears’ outfits, which Daddy just loved. Here’s some pics from our busy weekend.

Meeting Uncle Chester for the first time
“Grandpa, you have a soft belly.”
First time talking on the phone to Grandma & Grandpa Cathcart

First Snow

It was 75 degrees on Monday and today it is in the 30’s and snowing; that’s Iowa for ya.  It was a beautiful snowfall, so I had to take pictures of it covering our trees in the backyard.

Fall Photo Shoot

Today was such a gorgeous day, with the temperature being in the mid 70’s, so Jaxson and I spent some time outside soaking up the sun.  I took advantage of the nice weather by taking some fall photos.  I don’t think Jaxson had as much fun as I did.  He has started giggling now, which is the best sound I have ever heard; however, we have found that we can only get him to do it first thing in the morning when he is the happiest.  I’m sure he will start doing it more often and I can’t wait.  Grandma Pam came down yesterday and we did some Christmas shopping.  Let me just say that Toys R Us and Target loves us!!  Last night we had a family JUGS (Just Us Girls) at our friend’s Jason, Brandy, and Anya McArtor’s.  Jason made chili for us and him and Brad also roasted hot dogs for us girls over their fire pit.  It was a great time watching the kids run around and play.  Here’s some pics from the past week. . .

Brandy and Anya McArtor