My Last Free Weekend

That’s right, this was my last weekend before going back to work.  For the most part I’m not ready to go back, but there is a small part of me that is ready for more adult conversation and more activity.  So this weekend it’s going to be Daddy day care plus Grandma.  Grandma Cathcart is going to come down and help Brad for his first weekend on duty.  This last weekend was another busy one.  Brad went to the last Iowa home game on Saturday, which once again didn’t turn out the way that we had hoped.  While Brad was at the game, Jaxson and I went to a friend’s wedding here in Des Moines.  Brad and I went to the reception that night while Andy and Mindy babysat.  This was Uncle Andy’s first time babysitting and I guess he was pretty nervous.  He changed his very first diaper ever with some help from Mindy.  Then on Sunday morning we went back to Gowrie to go to church with Grandma and Grandpa Cathcart; what an experience that was.  Church was packed and right when it started Jaxson messed his pants, which required an outfit change, so Kris and I got up to go change Bubba.  Then during the sermon when it was pretty quiet, except for Jaxson talking, he decided to really unload in his pants, which received quite a few laughs from the surrounding pews.  We tried to wait it out until church was over, but Jaxson thought differently because he didn’t want to sit there another second longer, so once again we got up to go change him.   Jaxson also got his first Christmas present this weekend from our family friends Tom and Bev Clark from Chicago, which happened to be several Chicago Bears’ outfits, which Daddy just loved. Here’s some pics from our busy weekend.

Meeting Uncle Chester for the first time
“Grandpa, you have a soft belly.”
First time talking on the phone to Grandma & Grandpa Cathcart

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