Christmas Decorating

Since this was my weekend off of work we decided to do all of the decorating today.  I always look forward to decorating, but then once I get started I want it to be over.  Maybe it’s because my house gets trashed and then I have to clean it eventhough it was clean when we started. Oh well. . . it’s worth it I guess.  This year we got a new prelit Christmas tree, which was very simple to put up and is quite pretty.  I highly recommend them!  Jaxson has been pretty fussy the past few days.  We don’t know what is wrong, but he just won’t take a nap.  I wonder if he’s starting to teethe.  He likes us to entertain him all of the time, so today he did sit on the couch for a little while when we were decorating and just watched us work away.  For the very short time that he did fall asleep, we were able to slip him into one of our stockings and take some pictures.  Check them out. . .

Jaxson is mad because Kade won’t read to him

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  1. Amber Paige
    Dec 08, 2006 @ 13:16:56

    (I orginally put this message in your Nov. archives, so I moved it to here, just in case you didn’t see it)
    Hey Steph! Your sister gave me your blogsite, and I LOVE IT! I will definitely be looking into doing something like this when our baby girl is born this spring! I’m sure it won’t look as professional as yours, but I’ll do my best. Anyway – AWESOME pictures of Jaxson (I enjoy reading your comments too)! He’s too cute for words!


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