Yeah Exersaucer!!

Aren’t these the greatest inventions ever??? We got Jaxson’s exersaucer out for the first time this weekend for him to try because he wants to be sitting up all of the time now and see everything that’s going on.  He absolutely loves it!  He likes being able to look all around and the toys that surround him.  This morning I sat him in it and he watched a half hour of Sesame Street and was content as all get out. This afternoon he went to my friend Natasha’s house and played with her two kids, Gage and McKenna, while Natasha and I went to the hospital to get recertified in CPR.  That class is usually dreadfully boring, but if you know Natasha, you know that this class was anything but boring.  Brad and I are looking forward to taking Jaxson to see Santa on Thursday; stay tuned for those pics.

“Great!  Now I can see the Bears game even better!”
Sesame Street can get pretty intense.
“Am I starting to look more like my dad?”

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