Weekend Events

This weekend is filled with visits from grandparents.  Grandma Pam came down after work on Friday and spent the afternoon with us.  We did a little shopping and lots of playing with Jaxson.  Then Grandpa and Grandma Cathcart came down Friday night and played.  They were in town because Brad’s brother Andy and new wife, Mindy, moved into their brand new beautiful home in Ankeny.  Brad was kept busy with helping them out today.  Jaxson and I went up this afternoon to check it out.  Tonight we are going to stay home, start a fire, and drink some hot chocolate because it is VERY cold out. It’s 7 degrees right now, but that doesn’t count the 30 MPH wind. . . BURRRR.  Tomorrow Grandpa and Grandma Winter are coming down to play.  What a fun and busy weekend with family.  Here’s some silly pictures of Jaxson this week. . .

"Give me a hug"
"Is it bedtime yet, Mom?"
"My teeth are coming!"
"Is it my bedtime YET, Mom?"
"Mom, it’s my bedtime"

Jaxson’s New Friend

Jaxson’s new friend is Grady Fowles.  We met Grady through his Grandma, who works with Jaxson’s Grandma Pam at McFarland Clinic.  Grady also lives in West Des Moines with his parents, Matt and Amanda.  Jaxson and Grady are the same age and we also go to the same church.  These pictures were taken when they were 3 months old when they first met.  They both had the same reaction to the camera, which was a deer in the headlights look, squirming, and oohing, it was so funny to watch them.  We all went out for supper again last night and had a great time.  The boys didn’t get much time to play, but they seem to enjoy looking at each other.  We look forward to more play dates with Grady.  I bet sometime we could even convince the Grandma’s to come babysit so we can go out without the boys.

Cold Cold Cold!

That explains the past few days here in Iowa.  We got several inches of snow over the weekend and it is sticking around this time.  It got up to a balmy 20 degrees today so Jaxson and I decided to get out of the house while we could.  We went over to a friend’s house and had some pizza for lunch. Brad came home from work sick today; I think he’s got some kind of virus.  Hopefully he won’t pass it on to either of us.  Brad did take Jaxson back to Gowrie on Saturday by himself while I worked.  They celebrated Grandpa Steve’s and Uncle Andy’s birthdays and they also had a Christmas with Steve’s sister and her family.  Work went OK this weekend, but we sent too many patients home from my floor so I had to “float” to another floor to help out.  I went to the medical floor, which is pretty much like a nursing home.  Of my five patients that I had, three of them were confused (one of which thought we were at a police station and that I was the sherriff. . . pretty funny huh?) It made me very thankful to work on the floor that I do because I get to use a lot more of my nursing knowledge and skills working with surgical patients and most of the time they aren’t confused. Here’s some pics of Bubba this past week. . .

“Daddy, you are so comfy”
“This is my cousin Mindy and her baby Addison”
“Daddy quit teasing me. Give me my football.”
“I love my jumperoo!”

Events This Past Week

We’ve been quite busy at the Cathcart household.  Jaxson and I made another trip back to Hubbard to spend the day with Grandma and Wendy before they went back to New Mexico on Saturday. I worked this weekend while the boys hung out and watched football.  Jaxson continues to gobble up rice cereal and we started him on some applesauce tonight, which he also loves.  Here’s some pics from this past week. . .

“Hey Dad, you should try this stuff. . . it’s good!”
“I think I got some in my mouth”
This is my friend Agnes
My grammie is going back to New Mexico

Happy New Year!

We celebrated by going over to our friend’s, Jason & Brandy McArtor’s, house.  They had wonderful food for us and entertainment (their daughter, Anya).  It was fun hanging out with friends, playing games, eating, and ringing in the New Year with them. Happy 2007!

Anya giving Jaxson kisses

Yum Yum Rice Cereal!

Jaxson tried rice cereal for the first time and absolutely loved it!  Well, I don’t know what he liked eating more, the rice cereal or his bib.  See for yourself. . .

Visiting Family & Friends

Jaxson and I made a trip up to Hubbard this week to see my very good friend, Erika, and her family.  They live in Texas so we don’t get to see each other that often anymore.  I had never met Barrett (her 6 month old) or Walker (her stepson) and Erika had never met Jaxson, so we got together so the boys could meet and play and we could catch up.  Erika is one of those friends that I can sit down and talk to and you would never know that we hadn’t seen each other for a year because we can just pick up where we left off.  Then after we visited with Erika’s family for a while, we all took the party to our good friends, the Dubberke’s.  Gene was the only one home, but as always it was great seeing and visiting with him.  His family (Gene, Sue, Ryan and Jill) was my second home when I was growing up, so we try to get out to see them as much as we can when we have the chance.  Then after we left Gene’s, Jaxson and I went to my mom’s to see Great Grandma and Wendy for a short time before heading back to DM.  We had a wonderful and exhausting day. . . but it was worth every second!

Jaxson and Barrett
Gene Dubberke with Barrett, Walker, and Jaxson
Jaxson with cousin Lauren