Cold Cold Cold!

That explains the past few days here in Iowa.  We got several inches of snow over the weekend and it is sticking around this time.  It got up to a balmy 20 degrees today so Jaxson and I decided to get out of the house while we could.  We went over to a friend’s house and had some pizza for lunch. Brad came home from work sick today; I think he’s got some kind of virus.  Hopefully he won’t pass it on to either of us.  Brad did take Jaxson back to Gowrie on Saturday by himself while I worked.  They celebrated Grandpa Steve’s and Uncle Andy’s birthdays and they also had a Christmas with Steve’s sister and her family.  Work went OK this weekend, but we sent too many patients home from my floor so I had to “float” to another floor to help out.  I went to the medical floor, which is pretty much like a nursing home.  Of my five patients that I had, three of them were confused (one of which thought we were at a police station and that I was the sherriff. . . pretty funny huh?) It made me very thankful to work on the floor that I do because I get to use a lot more of my nursing knowledge and skills working with surgical patients and most of the time they aren’t confused. Here’s some pics of Bubba this past week. . .

“Daddy, you are so comfy”
“This is my cousin Mindy and her baby Addison”
“Daddy quit teasing me. Give me my football.”
“I love my jumperoo!”

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  1. Belinda
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 22:40:36

    I think that photo of Jaxson in his bouncy/jumper seat is the first one I’ve seen of him smiling ear to ear! Cute! He usually has this look like, “Mom! Put the camera away! Why are you always taking my photo?” Do you still scrapbook? I wondered since you have a baby to scrapbook if you were doing it or not. I’m having a crop here Saturday and will be working on a baby book for this next one.


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