Jaxson’s New Friend

Jaxson’s new friend is Grady Fowles.  We met Grady through his Grandma, who works with Jaxson’s Grandma Pam at McFarland Clinic.  Grady also lives in West Des Moines with his parents, Matt and Amanda.  Jaxson and Grady are the same age and we also go to the same church.  These pictures were taken when they were 3 months old when they first met.  They both had the same reaction to the camera, which was a deer in the headlights look, squirming, and oohing, it was so funny to watch them.  We all went out for supper again last night and had a great time.  The boys didn’t get much time to play, but they seem to enjoy looking at each other.  We look forward to more play dates with Grady.  I bet sometime we could even convince the Grandma’s to come babysit so we can go out without the boys.

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