Yucky Winter Weather Continued

So the ice/snow storm has hit and we are officially stuck; however, at least we have power.  I talked to my brother this morning in Hubbard and he said that they haven’t had power for a day now and probably won’t have any for five more days (according to MidAmerican).  He said that it looks like a tornado went through with power lines, trees and branches down everywhere you look. Since we’re stuck, Brad and I did a little “spring” cleaning.  We figured that there isn’t anything else to do, so we might as well get something done.  Here’s some pics of the snow and of course one of Jaxson. . .

This was taken last night
This is today

You can see where a HUGE branch from the tree split and fell onto our fence.  It sounded like a loud clap of thunder when it came down.

1st time for Bubbie in the big boy tub

Yucky Winter Weather

I’m hoping that this is our last go-around with winter weather until spring comes.  Go figure, this is my only weekend off this month and we are stuck at home.  We were hoping to at least go up to Gowrie tomorrow to see Grandpa and Grandma Cathcart, but I don’t think that will be happening since it’s worse up north.  Right now it is freezing rain outside and the snow and wind are supposed to come later today and tomorrow.  My mom and her three brothers took off a day early to go to New Mexico to get my grandma moved back.  They got out of town right before this weather came.  I’m hoping that they get down there today.  And my sister and her friend Susan went to Kansas City this morning for a girls weekend.  They also left when it was just raining and not freezing yet.  They are going to see Christina Aguilera in concert tonight and hopefully they can get back home tomorrow as planned.

Last night we had some company.  My dad, Brenda, and Brandon all came to see us.  My dad built Jaxson a toy box for his room.  It turned out great!  I am going to paint it for Jaxson.  I haven’t decided whether I want to paint it to match his room with sports stuff on it or Brad would prefer an Iowa Hawkeye toy box because he thinks it will eventually go down to the basement once we get that finished off.  Here’s some pics from this week. . .

“This is my first time sitting in the Hippo chair and using a sippy cut.  Wow, I’m getting to be such a big boy!”

“See my new toy box that my grandpa built for me.”
“This is a good hiding spot.”
Crazy Uncle Brandon

6 Month Photos

"Mother, I’ve just about had enough!"

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today is Grandma Pam’s birthday and Jaxon’s six month birthday.  Jaxson and I went up to Ames to take Mom out for lunch.  We went to a Mexican restaurant and five of her coworkers were also able to come along to celebrate.

??? Gene Simmons

Need I say more?
Other cute pics with no tongues hanging out. . .

The bib says it all!
Tired baby
Just tryin’ not to fall out of my swing


That’s right, Jaxson has two teeth that have poked through on the bottom.  We figured something was happening when he woke up three times before midnight one night last week.  He is constantly amazing us with new things.  He can also sit up on his own for short periods but then soon falls because he reaches for something. It’s hard to believe that he will be 6 months old in just one week!

"Goin’ for a car ride. . . gotta bundle up"
"No Dad, this is my glass"
"This is what Dad and I do while Mom is at work"

Answered Prayers!

For over a year now, my family has been praying for my grandmother’s house to sell so that she can move back to Iowa. . . and the good Lord has answered our many prayers.  Grandma and Aunt Wendy are going to be back in Iowa for good by the end of the month!!!  They moved down to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico over 30 years ago and decided that it was time to come back.  It is going to be wonderful having them live in Iowa.  I think my grandma knew it was going to happen because at Christmas she said that she knew when she went back home that the house was going to sell and that she would be back up here before Jaxson started crawling.  Praise God!!

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