Yucky Winter Weather Continued

So the ice/snow storm has hit and we are officially stuck; however, at least we have power.  I talked to my brother this morning in Hubbard and he said that they haven’t had power for a day now and probably won’t have any for five more days (according to MidAmerican).  He said that it looks like a tornado went through with power lines, trees and branches down everywhere you look. Since we’re stuck, Brad and I did a little “spring” cleaning.  We figured that there isn’t anything else to do, so we might as well get something done.  Here’s some pics of the snow and of course one of Jaxson. . .

This was taken last night
This is today

You can see where a HUGE branch from the tree split and fell onto our fence.  It sounded like a loud clap of thunder when it came down.

1st time for Bubbie in the big boy tub

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