Our Weekend

I finally had a weekend off and we were able to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather.  We went to Hubbard and had a great time.  We got to see my grandma’s new house in Eldora, which is very cute.  Grandma and Wendy are very excited to move in this coming weekend.  Brad and I went out on Saturday night to the Hubbard Golf Course where the town was having a benefit for a friend of the family’s who had a stroke.  They raised a lot of money for him with a meal, auction, and a dance.  Brad and I thought it was quite funny during the auction when they auctioned off the leftover pasta salad and beans, then they auctioned off cow embryos worth $3000, then they finished with the leftover buns; and it went in that order. . . only in a small town. Here’s some funny pics from the past week.

Play time with Daddy
Nap time with Daddy
"Do you like my night cap?"
This weekend just wore him out

Could he possibly get any messier??? 


7 Months Old

Once again it’s hard to believe that our little Jaxson is 7 months old already and that he’s not all that little anymore.  He is so much fun.  Brad and I enjoy every second with him because he is so funny and entertaining.  His favorite things to do right now are rolling on the floor, playing peek-a-boo, jumping in the jumperoo, being thrown in the air, and of course eating.  We are so blessed to have such a health and happy child.  Here’s some recent pics.

Where’s Jaxson?
There he is!

"I don’t know if I like my new carseat"



Congratulations to my sister, Tanya, and her fiance, Heath! They got engaged on St. Patrick’s Day at Sully’s, which is where they met exactly one year ago.  Halfway through the evening, Heath got down on one knee and asked Tanya to be his "now and forever."  And of course she said "yes!"  It was a lot of fun because several of their friends were there to see it happen and to celebrate with them.  Heath has been thinking about this for a while and was very excited for this day to come. He even had the radio station Star 102.5 in on it.  Our family is very excited about this and to welcome Heath into our family.  He is a wonderful man and loving father to Devon (13) and Kade (8).  So not only am I getting a great brother-in-law, but also two great nephews. Here’s some pictures from the big event.  To see more, check out the Main blog at maingang.blogsome.com.

Chuckie Cheese

Jaxson had his first experience going to Chuckie Cheese on Saturday. He went with Daddy to Kade’s eigth birthday party.  Of course I missed it because I had to work.  It sounds like everyone had fun.  Jaxson and I have both been home sick this week.  I got home from work on Sunday night and was immediately sick with a terrible cold.  Jaxson is getting back to himself after his first ear infection.  Grandma Kris came down on Tuesday to spend the day with us and to help me out because I just had no energy.  She took Jaxson on a walk in the beautiful weather that we had.  They were gone for almost an hour and she said that he didn’t make a peep the whole time; he was so busy looking at everything.  Here’s some pics from the past week. . .

“Yum yum Grandma, keep it comin”

The Birthday Boy

1st Ear Infection

Yesterday, Jaxson started running a fever, which got up to 102 during the night, and was rubbing his ears. We also had a very long night with waking up about every half hour. Jaxson and I ended up spending the night on the couch. So I took him into the Dr. this morning and sure enough he has his 1st ear infection. Dr. Williams said that he jinxed him on Friday when he was in for his six month appt. because he referred to him as “the kid that never gets sick.” I think making it to six months with no ear infections is pretty darn good. Hopefully they will be few and far between from here on out.  Here’s some pics from our recent trip to Hubbard.

This is what happens when Dad feeds me.

6 Month Checkup

Jaxson had his six month checkup today and scored another A+ with Dr. Williams.  He’s weighing in at 18lbs and 4oz,which puts him right at the 50th percentile, and is 27 inches long, which puts him in the 75th percentile. Dr. Williams was very impressed once again with how strong Jaxson is and how good his motor skills are.  He has five teeth right now with three more very close to poking through.  This week Jaxson started rolling from one end of the room to the other.  He thinks it’s pretty funny.  Now we have to watch him so that he doesn’t roll into any tables or other furniture. What a big boy he’s becoming! Here’ some pics from this week. . .

And It Just Keeps Coming

So we are now experiencing round two of another winter storm.  Thankfully, my mom, Grandma, Wendy and three uncles got back from New Mexico safely on Wednesday.  Their trip was absolutely crazy.  They got out of Iowa just as the first winter storm was hitting.  They also left Oklahoma the next morning right before tornadoes hit that area and destroyed buildings.  Then once they hit New Mexico, there was a terrible wind storm that damaged my uncle’s van.  Then on their way back to Iowa, they left Kansas, after staying overnight there, only to hear that after they left there, tornadoes hit there also.  Then they got back to Iowa just in time to get snowed in at home. What a crazy trip.  Go figure that the one weekend that they need to get Grandma and Wendy back to Iowa, it’s the worst storm in 20 years.  A lot of praying was going on.  Welcome back to Iowa Grandma and Wendy!