And It Just Keeps Coming

So we are now experiencing round two of another winter storm.  Thankfully, my mom, Grandma, Wendy and three uncles got back from New Mexico safely on Wednesday.  Their trip was absolutely crazy.  They got out of Iowa just as the first winter storm was hitting.  They also left Oklahoma the next morning right before tornadoes hit that area and destroyed buildings.  Then once they hit New Mexico, there was a terrible wind storm that damaged my uncle’s van.  Then on their way back to Iowa, they left Kansas, after staying overnight there, only to hear that after they left there, tornadoes hit there also.  Then they got back to Iowa just in time to get snowed in at home. What a crazy trip.  Go figure that the one weekend that they need to get Grandma and Wendy back to Iowa, it’s the worst storm in 20 years.  A lot of praying was going on.  Welcome back to Iowa Grandma and Wendy!


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