The Weekend Just CRAWLED By

Not really, but Jaxson started crawling this weekend!  For the last week or so he has been inching forward with his scooting/crawling, but this weekend he really took off.  He’s going from one end of the room to the other and he moves pretty fast when he spots something that he wants.  The boys had a busy and fun weekend while I was at work missing the beautiful weather.  On Saturday, Heath came over and the three boys watched the NFL draft all day.  I’ll just say that I was glad to be at work at that time. They also put up Jaxson’s new baseball ceiling fan in his room, so they did get something accomplished.  Tanya came over later on to get her “fix” of Jaxson and to see his new moves. Grandpa and Grandma Cathcart came down on Sunday and took Jaxson to the park.  Then we had our weekly Soprano night at Ben and Jacquie’s, so I rushed to Ankeny when I got off work to join everyone else and enjoy a wonderful supper.

Look who’s crawling now
the finished product
“Hey Dad, take my picture”

Rain Rain Go Away

It’s been a dreary week with all of this rain that we’ve gotten.  It is nice to look out the window and see everything so green, but that’s about the only nice thing.  We’ve been stuck inside all week and I’m getting a little antsy.  The little crick that we have in our backyard was pretty full at one point this week; Brad and I commented about being able to go tubing down it.  One other nice thing about all of the rain was that Grandpa Winter was able to get off of work early yesterday because there wasn’t much for them to do at the co-op, so him and Grandma Winter came down for a couple hours in the afternoon to play with Jaxson.  Here’s some pics from their visit.

"Oh come on Grandpa, just let me have it."
"Hey Mom, look where I can get stuck."

More Weekend Fun

We had a very nice, fun, and busy weekend.  On Saturday, we went and saw new baby Abbie  and then came home and had a BBQ with Heath, Tanya, and Kade.  It was wonderful being able to sit outside and eat and just enjoy the weather.  The boys had fun playing basketball and throwing the FB around.  On Sunday we went to church and got poured on as we were walking/running to the van. Pastor Mike preached a wonderful sermon on “The Secret.”  To make a long sermon short.  He doesn’t recommend it at all and showed clips of “The Secret” to show how shallow it is.  I felt kind of stupid after the sermon because I bought the DVD for my mom for a birthday present after seeing it on Oprah.  Well, on Oprah all she showed and talked about was the power of positive thinking or approaching issues with a different way of thinking and if it’s on Oprah and has her seal of approval then it must be good, right?  Wrong.  The clips that we saw of it in church are downright shallow and idiotic and I never would have bought it for my mom if I had seen the whole DVD.  Sorry Mom.  Sunday afternoon, Tanya, Susan, and I went and tried on a couple of bridesmaid dresses for the wedding.  We decided on one  and it is going to be beautiful in the wedding. That evening Brad and I hosted Soprano night.  We had three other couples over and enjoyed a nice dinner and watched the Sopranos.

Jaxson enjoying fresh pineapple straight from Hawaii
We’re off to church and Jaxson is so excited

New Addition To The Family

We have a new niece!  Her name is Abigail Jane French and she was born on Friday.  Her parents are my stepsister, Jodi, and her husband Tim.  They also have Kenneth, who is 2 1/2 years old.  We went up and saw Jodi and Abbie in the hospital on Saturday and everyone is doing well.

Proud Grandpa Mike
Jaxson didn’t know what to think of her.

1st Time At The Park

We’ve been enjoying this weather all week by going to the park and swinging.  We have a beautiful park just at the end of our street that was completely redone last fall; just in time for us to enjoy it.  Jaxson absolutly loves the baby swings.  He’d probably be quite content spending the whole day there. He is now 8 months old and getting more mobile everyday. He isn’t crawling yet, but has figured out how to get pretty much anywhere by rolling or scooting.

“Do you have to go to work, Mom?”

Like Father, Like Son

This picture says it all.

Is Spring Here?

Well, it’s finally nice again today, so I am excited to get outside and do some much needed yardwork.  Hopefully this nice weather is here to stay.  Brad was anxious to get started on the yard yesterday, but couldn’t really do anything with me at work and having Jaxson all to himself.  They went up to Andy and Mindy’s lastnight for Soprano night.  I didn’t go since I didn’t get off of work until after 8:00.  I’m looking forward to having this next weekend off so we can get some things done around here and go bridesmaid dress shopping for Tanya’s wedding.

“Daddy, I see you”

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