The Weekend Just CRAWLED By

Not really, but Jaxson started crawling this weekend!  For the last week or so he has been inching forward with his scooting/crawling, but this weekend he really took off.  He’s going from one end of the room to the other and he moves pretty fast when he spots something that he wants.  The boys had a busy and fun weekend while I was at work missing the beautiful weather.  On Saturday, Heath came over and the three boys watched the NFL draft all day.  I’ll just say that I was glad to be at work at that time. They also put up Jaxson’s new baseball ceiling fan in his room, so they did get something accomplished.  Tanya came over later on to get her “fix” of Jaxson and to see his new moves. Grandpa and Grandma Cathcart came down on Sunday and took Jaxson to the park.  Then we had our weekly Soprano night at Ben and Jacquie’s, so I rushed to Ankeny when I got off work to join everyone else and enjoy a wonderful supper.

Look who’s crawling now
the finished product
“Hey Dad, take my picture”

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