Cathcart Weekend

Since it was my weekend off, we headed out of town on Saturday to see G & G Cathcart.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Kris, Jaxson, Chester (the dog), and I went on a walk to “downtown” Gowrie to the nursery so that Kris could help me figure out what flowers to plant in my yard.  She ended up digging up some of her own and sending them home with me, so now I need to hurry up and get them in the ground.  That evening we went to a family friend’s graduation party and got to catch up with some of the Gowrie folk. We headed back to WDM that evening and got up Sunday morning and went to church.  We were able to get some small projects done around the house (i.e. lowering Jaxson’s crib so that he can’t jump/fall out), but there’s never enough time to get everything done that we want to.  Sunday evening we hosted Soprano night.  We had two other couples over and enjoyed burgers on the deck.  I love spring and summer when the weather is nice and we can enjoy a cold glass of lemonade, grilling burgers, and eating outside. Jaxson is now 9 months old and amazing us with new things everyday.  I think we will be seeing more teeth coming thru in the next couple days because he spent the whole weekend drooling and gnawing on his toys.

Jaxson, did you just wake up?

Open wide for Papa.


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