Pet Rabbit?

That’s right, just for a couple seconds I thought about getting Jaxson a pet rabbit.  Yesterday, we went and saw my friend, Sharon, and her new baby, Lillian, and they had a pet rabbit.  Jaxson absolutly loved it!  It was so cute to watch him sit on the floor and pet her and then he would follow her wherever she went.  I would probably get him one if they didn’t chew on everything and if I knew that it would go potty where it’s supposed to.  Enough about the rabbit; Jaxson and I went and visited Sharon and Lillian (who was born on Brad’s birthday-April 5th).  Sharon is a nurse that I work with and has been a good friend for several years.  She is still on maternity leave and since I remember what maternity leave was like, I knew that she was probably craving some adult conversation.  Lillian has also been a very colicky baby so far but seems to be doing better after being started on Prevacid.  Having a newborn is hard enough, but having one that is colicky seems to be a nightmare for most people.  It scares me to have another one because I know that they don’t get any easier than Jaxson and it would be a miracle to have two great babies.  I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Jaxson’s new friend, Patulla
Lillian Marie and Jaxson
“OK Mom, you throw it and I’ll go fetch it again”
Jaxson loves his very own keyboard

“Mom, I promise not to push anymore buttons”

Who knew a bulb syringe could be so fun?

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