More Pictures

Jaxson’s new favorite play area. . . the fireplace ledge
Reading time
“Don’t let go Daddy”
“So this is where they keep all the “good” food.”
Cuddling with mom before she goes to play sand VB
Jaxson playing with Addison (our friends Corey and Kelli Schaefer’s daughter)

Weekend Stuff

It was a pretty uneventful weekend.  I worked and the boys stayed home and played.  Jaxson isn’t walking yet, but he still loves to stand on his own and walk with help.  He’s also climbing the whole flight of stairs on his own.  Watch out!  My mom came down lastnight because she had to pick up my Uncle Randy and Aunt Brenda from the airport at 11 pm.  They were getting back from their vacation in Atlanta. We took mom out to her favorite restaurant, Applebees, then went for a walk to the park to walk off our supper.  Jaxson had fun playing with Grandma and showing off all of his new talents. 


We had a very strong storm that moved in on Friday.  We haven’t seen it rain that hard in years, if forever.  The hard rain was a good test on our basement to see if it was still going to leak after we redid the landscaping. . . and it did; however, it wasn’t anything near as bad as it was before.  We still have hope that we will fix the leaking basement this summer so that we can get it finished soon.  The storm also knocked our power off for an hour or so and it also knocked our cable out.  Our cable is still out, but is supposed to be fixed today.  After not having cable or Tivo for a few days it made me realize that I could live without the cable but not without Tivo.  After the rain had moved through there was a beautiful rainbow that followed.

Fun Pictures

Look At Me!

Our little 10 month old is showing off now with standing all the time.  He thinks it’s pretty funny. 

This is his pose when he’s tired

9 Month Check-up

Jaxson went in for his 9 month check-up today, although he’ll be 10 months old tomorrow.  He weighed in at 21 lbs and 29.5 in. long, which keeps him in the 50th percentile.  Dr. Williams said that he’s doing great and is very pleased.  He now has eight teeth, waving bye bye, and saying “dada” all day long.  He is also climbing the stairs and standing on his own, but not going anywhere.  Dr. Williams said that he will be walking anyday.  His only advice was baby proof, baby proof, and baby proof.

Happy Father’s Day

We would like to wish all of the fathers a very Happy Father’s Day.  We were able to get out of town this weekend to see our dads.  We went up to Hubbard on Friday and spent some time with my mom and Mike.  On Saturday, we went to Eldora to see Grandma and Wendy and to help them with some landscaping.  We took some of our river rock and the rest of the hostas with us so Mom could make a new landscaped area in Grandma’s yard.  Saturday afternoon we headed back to Hubbard and went swimming at the pool with my dad and Brenda.  It was Jaxson’s first time at the pool.  He wasn’t too sure about it at the beginning, but once he warmed up he started to have fun.  Then we went to Dad and Brenda’s house and had a wonderful supper and just enjoyed sitting outside and messing around.  Saturday evening we went to Gowrie to spend time with Brad’s family.  Sunday we went to church and came home and grilled kabobs.  Grandma bought Jaxson a pool for their house so of course we had to test that out.  He loved it and we are looking foward to going back for the 4th of July to play in it again. Brad had already found his Father’s Day gift a couple weeks ago when I sent him to get some groceries with the van and forgot that I had his gift in the back.  Jaxson got him a bike trailor so that when he turns one he can go with Daddy on his bike rides. Brad is looking forward to it; I have to keep reminding him that he has to wait a couple more months.  It will give them something fun to do outside on the weekends when I’m gone.

Devon, Kade, Jaxson and Heath
Kade helping with Grandma’s yardwork
The Supervisors – Wendy, Grandma, and Brad
“I just don’t know about this big bathtub”

Jaxson got to eat supper in his Great Great Grandmother’s highchair

Outside at Dad and Brenda’s
Dad’s mad because his bubble toy doesn’t work very well

Cousin Laura
Jaxson loves Chester

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