Happy Belated 4th Of July!

I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th!  We started our celebration on Tuesday evening when we headed up to Gowrie for the town’s festivities.  That evening we went to a party that was at one of Brad’s friend’s house so he got a chance to catch up with some of his friends.  Then Brad and Andy headed off to the street dance while Mindy and I headed back to the house because we were too hot and getting eaten alive by the bugs.  Wednesday we went to Gowrie’s parade.  They always have a wonderful parade and is topped off with a flyover with three fighter planes.  That always gives me the goosebumps because it is so neat.  Jaxson enjoyed his first parade and we were all surprised that he didn’t cry once with all of the loud horns and the cars revving their engines.  That afternoon Kris, Jaxson, and I hopped in Jaxson’s pool to cool down and the boys hopped in the hot tub.  Yes, they got in the hot tub in 80 degree weather.  No, I don’t know what they were thinking.  We skipped out on a big fireworks show this year since it was way past Jaxson’s bedtime and we thought that he wouldn’t be too fond of the loud booming, although we did see about three fireworks from the end of our driveway and he seemed to be fine with them.  We got home in time for us to unpack and then repack for our trip to Hubbard.

Gowrie’s salute to all of their fallen veterans

“Oh Grandpa, I can see the parade really good from up here.”
Parades can be very tiring.

Sitting in a hot tub. . . in Iowa. . . in July
Chester the festive dog
Jaxson and I headed up to Hubbard on Thursday morning while Brad went back to work.  When we got to my mom’s, Grandma and Aunt Wendy were also there to greet us.  It was nice spending time with them as always.  That evening we went up and saw my dad and Brenda. They got to see how Jaxson loves to point at everything and how he likes to walk with help.  Then we went out to a farm where Brandon has been roping cattle.  I had never seen him rope before so that was fun to watch.  Jaxson even got to ride the horse with Brandon.  He didn’t seem scared at all; he was pretty expressionless.  He also enjoyed playing with the dogs and cat that were there.  This morning my mom, Jaxson, and I went out to my friend Jill’s house to see her and her dad, Gene.  My friend, Erika, and her family also came out.  Jill, Erika, and I have been friends since we were very little and now Erika lives in Austin, TX and Jill just moved to Rochester, MN, so we had to get together and drink wine at 10:30 this morning.  We were trying to think of when all three of us were together last and we think it was at my wedding, which was almost four years ago.  It’s crazy to think that that is possible when we were pretty much inseparable growing up.  We had a great time watching the kids play and catching up.  Jaxson and Barrett, who just turned one in June, played very well together.  Jaxson seemed to follow Barrett wherever he went, it was so cute.  We just wish that we were closer so that they could spend more time together.  That pretty much wraps up our weeklong celebration of the 4th.  It’s off to work for me tomorrow and Brad is going to have some father-son time before heading off to the I-Cubs game tomorrow night.
Grandma Pam with her little buddy
“Now Grandpa, if you’re going to walk with me, you’re gonna have to keep up.”

Jaxson was fascinated with this drawing of us.  Tanya is on the left, me on the right, and Brandon in the middle.
Brandon getting ready to rope a steer with his horse, Billy
Jaxson riding Billy
Jill with Jaxson
Barrett opening his birthday present from Jaxson

July 2007
December 2006

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jill Hauan
    Jul 09, 2007 @ 16:06:44

    We enjoyed having everyone out at the farm SO MUCH!!! It really made our day. Thanks again for stopping by, it was a great time! If you ever need more wine at 10:30 a.m., just let me know. 🙂 Love you!


  2. Erika Holmes
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 01:57:48

    Cute pictures! I love the pix of Jaxson on the horse…how precious! I can’t believe he fell asleep at the parade, he must have been a tired boy. It’s so fun to compare the pix of the boys from 6 months ago – they have changed so much, I can’t believe it. We had so much fun seeing you on Friday – wish we could have visited longer. The boys are so cute together – just wait until they are older,it will be a riot!
    I’m trying to get a cheap flight back to Iowa in late August. If I do, I’ll let you know and maybe we can have another little reunion.


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