This Week At The Cathcarts

Brad’s week started off interesting by serving on jury duty.  He did get picked for a trial and luckily it only lasted two days.  They found the guy guilty yesterday, so Brad is now back to work.  Jaxson and I have been running errands and working on getting things ready for two upcoming big parties.  I am hosting a bridal shower and bachelorette party for my sister on Aug. 11th and then we’re having Jaxson’s 1st Birthday party the next day.  Yes, I know that’s crazy, but when I only have one weekend off a month, I really don’t have a choice on when to do things. Jaxson and I spent some time outside today enjoying the “cooler” weather.  At least it’s not in the 80’s or 90’s.  We went to the park and then played in our front yard with his new walk and ride toy.  He loves this thing and can zoom all over the house by walking behind it.  He gets quite upset when he runs into something and can’t go any farther.

Jaxson in his football stance

“Mom, you can’t stop pushing me to take a picture!”
Story time with Daddy
Who knew climbing stairs could be so fun?

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