Party #2 – Jaxson’s 1st Birthday Party

Brad and I can’t believe that we are already celebrating our little boy’s 1st birthday.  This year has gone so fast, but it has been so fun and amazing.  I decided that I wanted to make Jaxson’s 1st cake, eventhough I had never made one before.  I have to admit that it turned out much better than I thought it would and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.  I ended up only spending about three hours decorating it and from what I hear it tasted good also.  Eventhough it was pretty hot outside, we still had Jaxson’s party up at the park.  It did cool off a little and was tolerable later on.  We grilled some burgers and hotdogs and had a buffet of food.  Jaxson had a fun time playing with everyone and of course he got very spoiled with all of the presents.  I think he got a little too excited about the cake and took it all in one hand and tried to get all of it in his mouth at once.  As he found out, it just doesn’t work well that way.  He is now enjoying all of his new toys and has trouble deciding what he wants to play with next.  We want to thank all of our family and friends that helped make his birthday so special.  And a very BIG thank you to my mom and Kris for all of their help this weekend for both parties.  I wouldn’t have been able to pull off both parties without your help.  THANK YOU!
Putting the finishing touches on the cake

Jaxson’s favorite card from Chad and Jodi.  It plays “Hey now, you’re an all star” when you
open it up.  He loves dancing to it.

Jaxson got a growth chart from Mommy and Daddy

“Gimme my cake back”
“Thank You”

Ride ’em cowboy!
Other random photos thatI haven’t posted yet

Daddy and Jaxson playing in the rain

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