Other Weekend News & Events

Brad and Jaxson attended the neighborhood BBQ on Saturday evening. They had a lot of fun chatting with the neighbors and I guess Jaxson had fun throwing their landscaping rocks around.  We are going to get together with the couple (Mike & Brandy) that have a son named Jack, who is the same age as Jaxson, on Thursday for some pizza and so the boys can play.  Brad learned at the neighborhood party that we have a famous neighbor.  Shawn Johnson, who is the #1 gymnast in the USA right now and possibly the world, lives just a few houses down from us.  Mike and Brandy say that she is a very sweet girl.  I think the world championships are in a month and she is picked to win, so cheer her on.  On Sunday, Brad and Jaxson got to spend some quality father-son time together for Jaxson’s birthday.  They went to Scheel’s and picked out a Sesame Street helmet so now Bubbie can ride in the bike trailer with daddy on bike rides.  Grandma and Grandpa C also stopped and played on their way back from Springfield, MO.  They had something interesting and horrible happen to them on their mini-vacation.  They went to MO to spend time with Kris’ brother, Joe, and his wife, Marilyn.  While they were there, Kris’ new Toyota Camry got shot at.  One of the windows is gone, there is a tear in the fabric on the roof of the car and there is a gunshot hole in the driver’s side door.  Luckily no one was in the car at the time.  Joe and Marilyn live in a very nice neighborhood and it’s scary to think of something like that happening.  So they had to drive all the way back to Gowrie with no window.  Then when they got home, they had a foot of water in the basement.  Not a good weekend for the Cathcarts.

Bubbie opening one more birthday present
Jaxson looks real excited on his birthday

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