Play Date

Last night we had a play date with our neighbors, Mike, Brandy, and Jack.  We went down to their house and ordered pizza.  I took along one of those Jello no-bake oreo desserts, which the boys just gobbled up.  Jack and Jaxson had fun playing together.  Jaxson especially enjoyed chasing their cats around and watching their dog.  It makes Brad and me contemplate about getting a pet for Jaxson because we know that he would just love it.  But at this point, we are still thinking about that idea.  Jack liked to follow Jaxson around wherever he went.  Jack isn’t walking yet, but would like to be, so he thought Jaxson was pretty cool.  I don’t think Jack thought Jaxson was pretty cool when he hit him in the head with a block though.  I suppose that’s what happens when you get two boys playing together and I’m sure that it will get a lot worse as they get bigger.  We headed home when the boys started getting tired and the next thunderstorm started.  Jaxson loves to watch the lightening, so he got quite a show last night.  We got home just as it started raining AGAIN. 


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