Happy Halloween!

Jaxson thoroughly enjoyed his first real trick-or-treating experience.  This year he went as a sheriff.  I know I told some of you that he was going to be a cowboy, but when I pulled the costume out of the closet again, I realized that it was a sheriff, so yes I feel stupid.  We started out the night on our street visiting our neighbors.  Jaxson wasn’t too keen on the idea of wearing the costume, but as soon as he figured out that it was pretty much a party outside with all of the other kids, he didn’t care. After seeing all of our neighbors, we went up to Ankeny to visit Andy & Mindy, Ben & Jacquie, and Heath & Tanya.  We had a great time and are already trying to think of what he will be next year.

Our neighbor, Erin, who was a black cat
Our neighbor, Miah, aka Cinderella
Neighbors Mike and Jack.  Jack was a rock star with a purple mohawk.
“Do you want some candy?”
Brad had some fun scaring the kids
Uncle Andy
Rockin’ out with Uncle Heath

Mr. & Mrs. Heath Main

Congratulations to Tanya and Heath on their new life together!  I know that I speak for the whole family when I say that we are very happy to welcome Heath into our crazy family.  Not only do I get a new brother-in-law, but also two great nephews.  We are so excited for them and for what the future holds.  Now with that said. . . the wedding and whole weekend was wonderful.  We went up on Friday afternoon for the rehearsal, which went well.  Jaxson walked down the aisle like he had done it a hundred times before and might I add that he was hive-free (YEAH).  The rehearsal dinner was held at La Fuentes mexican restaurant, which was fabulous and fun.  After stuffing ourselves, we headed home to pack and prepare for the big day.
“Look at the glowing frogs that Heath and Tanya gave me”
Their last evening of being single
The beautiful bride with TJ, who did our hair
Seeing each other for the first time on their big day

Sara Oberle, Susan Moffet, Shawndra Henderson, and me

“Hey Aunt Tanya, is it OK if I bring blankie down the aisle with me?”

Heath and his women

Grandma Mossman
Jaxson’s showing Grandpa how to walk down the aisle
Tanya’s family

“Hey, can I dance with you guys?”

Kade stole the show with his steller dance moves

This is how we all felt the next day

Rash Update II

Tanya and I went and got manicures and pedicures done yesterday afternoon and when I got home, I could hardly see any redness on Jaxson’s face. Just after one dose of prednisone the rash was almost all gone.  He woke up this morning and there is a little more redness than yesterday, but it’s very faint and continues to get better.  Thank you Lord for prednisone! 

Rash Update

So the saga continues.  Jaxson and I had a long night last night.  We slept on and off in the living room until 3am, when Brad’s shift was supposed to start with Jaxson, but of course, he got lucky and Jaxson slept until 8am.  I slept in a little bit longer and when I went downstairs I was absolutley shocked at what I saw.  My baby did not look like my baby.  His face is now covered in hives and he’s puffy.  So we went back to the Doctor’s Now walk-in clinic and saw a different Dr.  He said this is a “classic penicillin allergy.”  He gave us a prescription for prednisone, which should really help.  The pharmacist said that it should be much better, if not gone, by Saturday.  I was elated to hear that, but not getting my hopes up too high.


this morning – the picture still doesn’t do it justice

The Good News Is. . . It’s Not Chicken Pox

Yesterday afternoon I noticed a few red bumps on Jaxson’s arms while we were playing at the park. Last night it was a little worse and this morning, he looked horrible.  So I called the pediatrician and without seeing him, they said it’s a viral rash related to the little cold that he has (thanks Daddy).  I wasn’t quite satisfied with that and with the wedding on Saturday, I wanted someone to look at him.  So I took him to the new Doctor’s Now walk-in clinic and they think it’s an allergic reaction to his amoxicillin that he’s taking for his ear infection.  I will take either diagnosis, as long as it’s nothing congagious or especially chicken pox.  He is being a real trooper with this.  The rash doesn’t seem to bother him at all. . . so far.  I just hope that it’s gone by Saturday to walk down the aisle.

Latest New Toy

Brad and I were first thinking about getting Jaxson a tricycle for Christmas, but then we got to thinking, what fun would that be when he wouldn’t be able to ride it?  So Brad went and got Jaxson his trike on Saturday and put it together for him.  Jaxson’s friend, Jack, has the same trike and Jaxson always seems intrigued by it when he sees him riding in it.  It’s very nice because it has a bar that goes around the seat that you use for littler guys until they get big enough when they can ride it on their own.  It also has a push bar, so we can push Jaxson in it until he learns how to peddle it himself.

"Check out my new wheels"

Playing "tent" with Daddy
The best seat in the house

Tonka Buddies

Jaxson’s buddy, Jack, and his mommy, Brandy, came over today to play.  The boys had a great time playing and Brandy and I always have a good time chatting because she too is a stay-at-home mom and we crave adult conversation most days.  We ordered pizza for supper and enjoyed watching the boys, including Brad, scarf down a few pieces.  Then we headed outside to play.  I think the adults had more fun outside than the babies did.  They were so cute because they would push each other in Jaxson’s Tonka truck.  It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

"Hang on Jack, you’re going for a ride!"

Now it’s Jack’s turn to push
Jaxson’s alternate way of riding his truck

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