Mr. & Mrs. Heath Main

Congratulations to Tanya and Heath on their new life together!  I know that I speak for the whole family when I say that we are very happy to welcome Heath into our crazy family.  Not only do I get a new brother-in-law, but also two great nephews.  We are so excited for them and for what the future holds.  Now with that said. . . the wedding and whole weekend was wonderful.  We went up on Friday afternoon for the rehearsal, which went well.  Jaxson walked down the aisle like he had done it a hundred times before and might I add that he was hive-free (YEAH).  The rehearsal dinner was held at La Fuentes mexican restaurant, which was fabulous and fun.  After stuffing ourselves, we headed home to pack and prepare for the big day.
“Look at the glowing frogs that Heath and Tanya gave me”
Their last evening of being single
The beautiful bride with TJ, who did our hair
Seeing each other for the first time on their big day

Sara Oberle, Susan Moffet, Shawndra Henderson, and me

“Hey Aunt Tanya, is it OK if I bring blankie down the aisle with me?”

Heath and his women

Grandma Mossman
Jaxson’s showing Grandpa how to walk down the aisle
Tanya’s family

“Hey, can I dance with you guys?”

Kade stole the show with his steller dance moves

This is how we all felt the next day

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