Funny Kid

Nothing too exciting is going on this week.

I think that I might have my own maid in just a couple years.  Yes, he continues to LOVE to vacuum.  In fact, the vacuum stays out 24/7 or he gets very upset and goes to the closet and drags it out himself.  It is also the very first thing he does in the morning when we come downstairs.  I put him down and he runs for the vacuum.  Crazy kid.
He likes to hide in the closet then jump out and scare us.
He also likes to crouch below the coffee table then jump up and scare us.  Or he likes to chew on it.
Another favorite thing is putting everything in the toaster oven.  It’s his little hiding place.  So if you come to my house and happen to be missing your cell phone; your best bet would be to check there.

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