Winter Family Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with my dad and Brenda today at their home in Hubbard.  We had a lot of fun hanging out, eating, opening gifts, and playing “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”  We all got spoiled again and I have decided that I really need to get Jaxson’s big toybox painted because we are absolutley running out of room for all of his goodies.  I look through his toys to try and put some of them in storage but he really plays with all of them.  Poor kid.

“Look at my new laptop”
Devon with Casey’s brother’s dog, Trip

A family divided

Cute Pictures

Jaxson loves to read

"This is a good book Mom.  You should read it before you go to bed."
"Daddy, it’s my turn to ride my bike!"

1st Tim Playing In The Snow

Yes, I know, we’ve had snow for a while now and you ask "Why has Jaxson not been outside to play in the snow?"  Well, it’s either been way too cold and windy or we’ve been sick and we also didn’t have a sled before.  So Bubbie and I went outside this morning and had fun with his new sled from G & G Cathcart.  He only wanted to ride around in the sled.  He didn’t care for walking around in the snow or sitting in it.  He also didn’t care for his Spiderman snow boots. 

Blessed Christmas

We truly feel blessed this Christmas to spend time with our family.  We had a wonderful Christmas, which started out on Christmas Eve day when we went to Hubbard to celebrate with my mom and Mike.  We all went to church that evening and came home and enjoyed two homemade soups.  Then it was on to the pile of presents.  I think we were all very good this year judging by how packed the van was when we came home.  The big hit at the Hendricks’ house was the guitar that Jaxson got from his Great Aunt Wendy.  He loved jammin’ on it and dancing.  Now he can have jam sessions with Uncle Heath.

Jaxson loves his new Iowa pillow
Brandon asked Santa for something to put on his nightstand.

Jammin’ on his Backyardigans guitar
Three sports nuts modeling their new sports gear.
Christmas morning we headed to Gowrie to the Cathcart household.  And once again we got confirmation that we had been very good this year.  The big hit there was Jaxson’s new Elmo slippers.  It’s so cute how he tries to hug his slippers and rub them on his face while he is wearing them.  What a nut!  We enjoyed a wonderful prime rib dinner made by Grandpa Steve and Grandma Kris.  Karl, Lisa, and Laura also joined us for Christmas dinner.

“Faster Grandma faster!”
“Whoo, I’m tired.”
Jaxson wouldn’t let Laura out of his sight

Resting up for our next Christmas at Grandpa & Grandma Winter’s this weekend.

Punta Cana. . . Here We Come!

We had our own little family Christmas this evening before we take off for Hubbard and Gowrie tomorrow.  I didn’t want to wait until we got back from our Christmas travels because that would mean that I would have to wait longer to find out where we’re going on our January vacation. As you can tell from the title, we are going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  I think it looks fabulous and we are very excited to go.  That wasn’t the only gift opened tonight.  Of course Bubbie had his share of presents to dive into.  He didn’t know what to do at first, but once he figured out that there was usually something good underneath all that paper, he ripped right into them.

“I got some new books that I’m really excited about!”
“Yeah, I got a new Sesame Street coloring book and more crayons.”
“Mom, I don’t want any socks!”
“These are my new blocks”
In other Christmas news, Brad, Jaxson, Tanya, and Heath did manage to make it to Eldora for the Buckley family Christmas on Saturday.  They were able to stay for a couple hours before having to leave because of the snow.  Once again for the forth Saturday in a row, we got a snow/ice storm.
Sitting with Uncle Brandon
The two clowns
The newlyweds first Christmas

“Daddy, I’m tired.  Can we go home and take these high-waters off?”

Merry Christmas

Laying Low

I haven’t updated in a while I know; Jaxson and I have been too busy getting over our illnesses.  He was so kind to pass it on to me.  Luckily I had some leftover antibiotics at home that I started myself on for what I’m thinking is a sinus infection. Hopefully Brad doesn’t come down with it now over Christmas; we’ll keep our fingers crossed. So to catch you up from my last blog. . . Mom and Mike came down on Friday night and we took them to see the Jolly Holiday Lights.  It was wonderful!  The displays are so creative and cute.  I think we will have to go every year.  While they were here, Mike also put in our new kitchen faucet.  Thank you Mike!!  No more drippy faucet!  I headed to work over the weekend while the boys played at home.  I had a very nice weekend at work because I had four very nice patients.  I tell ya, that makes all the difference in the world.  Three of them had huge surgeries with IV’s and tubes everywhere, but I didn’t care because they were so kind and appreciative.  That makes me want to do everything that I can for them and go above and beyond.  When I have patients like that, it reminds me of why I wanted to become a nurse.  So take note readers. . . be nice to the nurses.  Grandma Kris came down yesterday to Jaxson-sit so that I could go renew my CPR.  Of course Jaxson loved every second of it and even got a treat of cookies and kringla.  We’re hoping that the weather is good this weekend so that Brad and Jaxson can go to Eldora for the Buckley family Christmas while I go to work.  We are also getting very excited for Monday to come when we head up to Hubbard to celebrate with my family and then on to Gowrie on Christmas Day.  This might be my last blog until after Christmas, so in that case we wish all of you safe travels and a very Merry Christmas!

Jaxson is helping Grandpa Mike put in the new faucet

"This is how I brush my teeth."

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