Not A Quiet House

Ever since we moved into our home, Brad has wanted to turn the basement into a man’s zone, which would include the Playstation, a big screen TV, and a shrine to his Hawks and Bears.  Well, that man zone is in the near future.  My brother-in-law, Heath, and his brother, John, have gone to work on finishing off our basement.  So needless to say, our house has not been quiet this week with their saws and hammers pounding away.  Jaxson likes having them here because he likes to go downstairs and tell Uncle Heath what to do and how, or so he thinks.  Luckily it hasn’t interrupted his naptimes despite the noise. 

Heath and Jonathan hard at work
Please don’t hurt yourself; I’m off duty.
Jaxson with all of his buddies, Petie, Bear, Puppy, Elmo, and Barney

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  1. Brandy
    Jan 06, 2008 @ 02:05:52

    I’m sure it will be great to have it done! We are trying to come up a creative way to deal with our basement…though we only have 3.75 months until a nocturnal baby will keep us from getting much done. If we can get it painted, with new carpet and lighting in that time, I’ll be satisifed to have nothing else done…. Hmm. You will have to give us tips!


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