Not Much Going On

I’m sick of this weather!  I think I’m developing SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  I’m ready for spring!  The hospital has been so crazy lately with people falling and breaking bones and the other usual viruses this time of year.  Well, those viruses are really hitting the staff too.  I’ve been called three days this week to come in to work on evenings and my answer has consistently been, "Well, I don’t know when Brad will get home because he’s short-staffed too."  So yesterday, Brad made a deal with the house supervisor to give him a nurse so then he could come home to watch Jaxson and then I could go work; therefore, that covered two of the floors.  So the thanks I get for going in and working extra was an 82 year-old lady with a femur fracture that just got out of surgery and had to be restrained.  In the recovery room she had kicked one of the nurses so hard in the chest that it threw her up against the wall.  I don’t think I’ve been called so many dirty names in my life.  I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the things she was saying.  Thank God for ativan!

An update on Jaxson’s ear infection.  He woke up yesterday morning with a ruptured eardrum.  So it was back to the pharmacy for us for some antibiotic ear drops, which he hates.  But other than that, I would say that today he was finally back to himself.  My doctor called me this morning and told me that he had talked to the GI doc and he didn’t think that I needed to have a colonoscopy.  YIPPEE!  Although, if the symptoms come back at anytime, that scope will be calling my name.


18 Month Check-Up

Jaxson had his 18 month check-up today and it went OK.  This is the first time that he got scared and cried when we went into the exam room.  He’s figured out that when we usually go there he has to get shots.  No shots today though because he has another ear infection.  The virus that he had is now pretty much gone because he developed the typical viral rash, which means the virus is working it’s way out of his body; however, he probably got the ear infection from the virus, so he’s back on antibiotics.  He weighed in at 28 lbs (75th percentile) and was 34 inches tall (90th percentile).  Brad and I told Dr. Williams that we were concerned about Jaxson not talking much.  He says less than ten words:  mama, dada, no, pup, oh yeah, hot, and a couple others that I don’t remember.  According to the 18 month info sheet that they gave me, he should have 15-20 words.  Dr. Williams said that Jaxson is right where he should be for his age.  He doesn’t expect 18 month old kids to be saying more than five words.  He is more concerned that Jaxson comprehends what we say, which he does very well. So that was some relief lifted from my shoulders. He is also impressed that he uses a fork and spoon and knows most of his body parts already.   I guess at this age their appetite really decreases, which we are experiencing also.  Lately, Jaxson doesn’t eat any breakfast and has no desire for his usual favorite snacks.  We are supposed to expect one good meal for him each day and then be happy with whatever else he will take.

Little sick boy


We were able to pull it off!  We threw my mom a surprise 50th Birthday party at the Hubbard bar lastnight.  She says that she didn’t know anything about it and was totally surprised, but I still have my doubts on that one.  Oh well, it was still a lot of fun.  A lot of her family and friends were able to make it up for the party to help her celebrate this birthday milestone. 

Tanya and me with our Uncle Randy
2 hotties sitting at the bar

Mom is now prepared for her 50’s with her raisins and prune juice.

Doctor Visits

Yesterday was a day of rushing around to doctor visits.  In the morning I took Jaxson to the Doctors Now clinic since he’s been running a fever of 102-103 and just not himself.  I figured it was another ear infection, since the only times he’s ever had fevers is when he’s also had an ear infection.  So with that in mind, I didn’t wait around like last time.  So the doctor said his ears look great (go figure), but that he’s got a red throat with blisters.  The strep test was negative, so I’m thinking it’s viral and possibly herpangina again.  He seems to be feeling better today and his been fever-free for a few hours now.  I’m hoping that my weekend off this month is not spent with a sick kid.  Then in the afternoon it was my turn to see the doctor for my follow up on my gastroenteritis.  We are both pleased at how I’m coming along; however, he thinks that I should still get a colonoscopy.  Yes. . . you read that right. . . a colonoscopy.  He’s still not convinced that this was just gastroenteritis from our trip out of the country.  He’s thinking maybe inflammatory bowel disease.  I don’t think so, but I guess we’ll see.  I guess this is what I get for going to such a thorough doctor. 

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Jaxson and I went up to Ames yesterday to take Grandma Pam out to lunch to celebrate her 50th birthday.  It’s hard to believe that my mom is 50; she doesn’t look or act 50.  Way to go Mom, keep it up!  Tanya and Heath were also able to join us for a nice lunch at Applebee’s.  Jaxson also turned 1 1/2 yesterday.  It’s hard to believe that he is fast approaching 2.  Where does the time go?

Yeah, it’s Monday!

I know that most of you happen to HATE Mondays. . . not me.  Monday is my favorite day of the week, since it means that I am now off of work for two more weeks!!  That is the joy of working weekend package.  It was a tough weekend at work physically, mentally, and emotionally.  We were quite busy this weekend with a lot of unexpected surgeries, sick people, and not to mention the horrible weather that left us short-staffed because some couldn’t get there.  We managed to get through like always and are thankful for Mondays.  The boys had a good weekend at home.  On Saturday, Grandma Kris and Grandma Pam came down to play and spoil Jaxson with Valentine presents. 

Jaxson got some fun sand/water toys from Grandma Pam

Jumpin’ Jaxson

On Friday, Jaxson and I went to Jumpin’ Jacks in Urbandale for our mom/kid outing with my MOPS group.  Jumpin’ Jacks is a lot like Chuck E. Cheese but also with inflatables and without the cheesy music and characters. Jaxson’s favorite thing was the carousel; we had to ride it three times.  At first, he had no interest in getting in one of the inflatables and jumping around; however, after he met a little girl that was his size and one year older, he followed her right into one and started jumping. 

"Get me out of this helicopter before I crash it!"
"I’m not too sure about this."
"OK, this is fun"
"I’m gonna ride this girlie Harley"

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