Doctor Visits

Yesterday was a day of rushing around to doctor visits.  In the morning I took Jaxson to the Doctors Now clinic since he’s been running a fever of 102-103 and just not himself.  I figured it was another ear infection, since the only times he’s ever had fevers is when he’s also had an ear infection.  So with that in mind, I didn’t wait around like last time.  So the doctor said his ears look great (go figure), but that he’s got a red throat with blisters.  The strep test was negative, so I’m thinking it’s viral and possibly herpangina again.  He seems to be feeling better today and his been fever-free for a few hours now.  I’m hoping that my weekend off this month is not spent with a sick kid.  Then in the afternoon it was my turn to see the doctor for my follow up on my gastroenteritis.  We are both pleased at how I’m coming along; however, he thinks that I should still get a colonoscopy.  Yes. . . you read that right. . . a colonoscopy.  He’s still not convinced that this was just gastroenteritis from our trip out of the country.  He’s thinking maybe inflammatory bowel disease.  I don’t think so, but I guess we’ll see.  I guess this is what I get for going to such a thorough doctor. 


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