18 Month Check-Up

Jaxson had his 18 month check-up today and it went OK.  This is the first time that he got scared and cried when we went into the exam room.  He’s figured out that when we usually go there he has to get shots.  No shots today though because he has another ear infection.  The virus that he had is now pretty much gone because he developed the typical viral rash, which means the virus is working it’s way out of his body; however, he probably got the ear infection from the virus, so he’s back on antibiotics.  He weighed in at 28 lbs (75th percentile) and was 34 inches tall (90th percentile).  Brad and I told Dr. Williams that we were concerned about Jaxson not talking much.  He says less than ten words:  mama, dada, no, pup, oh yeah, hot, and a couple others that I don’t remember.  According to the 18 month info sheet that they gave me, he should have 15-20 words.  Dr. Williams said that Jaxson is right where he should be for his age.  He doesn’t expect 18 month old kids to be saying more than five words.  He is more concerned that Jaxson comprehends what we say, which he does very well. So that was some relief lifted from my shoulders. He is also impressed that he uses a fork and spoon and knows most of his body parts already.   I guess at this age their appetite really decreases, which we are experiencing also.  Lately, Jaxson doesn’t eat any breakfast and has no desire for his usual favorite snacks.  We are supposed to expect one good meal for him each day and then be happy with whatever else he will take.

Little sick boy

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  1. Jill Hauan
    Feb 25, 2008 @ 22:50:35

    What a sweetie! So glad to hear that the checkup went well… I love the Hawkeye garb in the picture! 🙂


  2. Sue Dubberke
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 06:00:18

    I have a story for you. “There was once a curly haired little girl named Jill. She too was about 18 months old when her dad worried that she would never talk. Her big brother Ryan said, ‘Don’t worry, once she starts she’ll never stop’.” Steph you’ve known her for 26 years. Need I say more!


  3. Brandy
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 18:59:20

    I know where you are coming from. Jack is doing a lot of the things Jaxson does (eating with utensils, but not wanting to eat much at all!) and he’s slower on the verbal communication, too. But I see progress every day, even if he’s not where other 18-month-olds are at, so it doesn’t bother me. Just yesterday he came up with “poooo” and pointed to his diaper. And the morning before he pointed to my nose and said “nooo.” So he’s trying, even if they aren’t intelligible to most people yet 🙂 Jaxson is TALL! Jack was only 31 1/2 inches at his 18-mth appt.!


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