Fun Weekend

Our fun weekend started off on Friday night when we had our neighbors Dave, Chanda, and Maddie over for pizza.  They are a lot of fun and are always more than willing to watch Jaxson for us when we need them.  We knew Chanda before she moved in two doors down from us because she also works at the hospital as a physical therapist.  Dave and Brad get along great because Dave is a writer for ESPN, so they always have plenty of sports to talk about.  I think Jaxson was a little confused when they came over and we didn’t leave because that’s usually what happens when they show up at our house.  He had a lot of fun playing and coloring with Maddie.  On Saturday, I got up and headed for work.  I had a steady busy weekend.  On Sunday, I worked on Brad’s floor for my first eight hours.  Since it was my turn to float, I really like to go there because I know all of the girls that Brad works with.  Then I had to return to my floor for the last four hours.  It was a good weekend and it went fast, which is the best part about it.  While I was at work, the boys were in Gowrie spending time with the rest of the Cathcarts.  Their long time family friends, Jim and Carol Wiley, came over on Saturday to see the boys.  Jim and Carol were neighbors to the Cathcarts when they lived on the farm and they also babysat the boys when they were young and ornery.  They went to church on Sunday and I guess Jaxson got a lot of compliments on his singing during church.  He likes to praise God.     

Jaxson and Maddie are having fun coloring.  Maddie is Evel Knievel’s granddaughter.
Chanda and Dave

“I’m not going to let you guys take a nap until you read these books to me.”
Jaxson is listening while Carol reads
Jim Wiley
“Giddyup Uncle Andy!”

Sweet Surprise

Jaxson had a package from the mailman waiting for him when he got up from his nap yesterday.  He opened it up and found some very yummy chocolate chip cookies homemade by Grandpa Winter with a very cute note attached to it.  So I called my dad lastnight to thank him for the nice treat and Brenda, his wife, told me that when dad was making them, he had to sit right in front of the stove to watch them bake to make sure that Jaxson’s cookies didn’t burn.  How cute is that?  Thanks Grandpa!

"Yum, these are good"

Backyard Adventures

Brandy, Jack, Jaxson and I all headed to Backyard Adventures this morning to let the boys run around and play and hopefully wear themselves out. I’m glad to say that it worked.  

The tire swing is always a big hit.

Happy Easter 2008

We wish all of you a very Happy Easter!  Our Easter morning started off cold once again and even with some flurries.   My mom and Mike, the Main gang, and us all went to church this morning at Lutheran Church of Hope.  We were so excited to see the new sanctuary, unfortunately getting to church 15 minutes early still wasn’t early enough to get one of the 1700 seats.  We ended up in the gym (overflow area) watching the service.  It actually wasn’t that bad, but it probably would have been much better in the sanctuary.  Oh well, I was getting kind of upset while we were waiting in line to get into the sanctuary because I was hot with my coat on, holding a squirmy toddler, and anxiously searching for eight seats, but then I thought to myself, "This is wonderful!  All of these people are here "fighting" to get a seat to praise God."  How wonderful is that?  Pastor Mike delivered another powerful sermon.  We laughed, we cried, and we came out of there feeling renewed.   After church, the Mains and us enjoyed a nice brunch at Perkins.  Brad and I have spent the afternoon trying to put some kind of order back into our garage and basement, but we’re afraid this won’t get completely done until our basement is all done in a few months.  Grandpa Cathcart is here now playing with the "Reverend Jaxson," as he calls him, and I think they are having quite a good time because it is very noisy and the house is shaking. . . literally.  I’m sure none of that has anything to do with the candy high that he is on right now from all of his Easter baskets. 

Jaxson was in awe of the Easter bunny. 
He also gave the Easter bunny knucks. 

"Hey Jaxson, do you care if Grandpa eats your Twinkies?"
Snack time

Visitor For The Day

My nephew, Kade, spent the day with us while his dad was down at my neighbor’s house doing some work.  We had a very fun day with Kade.  It was nice to have him here so that he could help me entertain Jaxson throughout the day.  We went to the park a couple times, made brownies, and he got to throw the football around with Brad. 

Of course Jaxson has to show Kade all of his books.
Our first trip to the park.
They are both looking at a truck going by behind me.
The chef, Kade, did a very good job on the brownies.  They are yummy!
We’re going to the park again.
He’s more like his father everyday.

Spring Is In The Air

Well, the birds are chirping, the kids are outside playing, and the snow is almost all gone.  YEAH!  Jaxson and I have been enjoying a lot of time outside playing and getting reacquainted with our neighbors after being cooped up all winter long.  Anya came over yesterday while her mommy was at the dentist.  Jaxson and her had a great time playing together.  We are looking forward to Easter.   This will be the first Easter that I’ve had off from work in a long time.  We are going to go to our church for morning service.  They usually have Easter service downtown at Vets, but this year they are having it in the new sanctuary that holds around 1700 people and has movie theater type seats with cup holders.  I’m sure it will be powerful.

Watchin’ some basketball.
Two knuckleheads

Late Night Snack?

Jaxson found the cheese. . . again.
"Daddy, did you have as rough of a day as I did?"

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