Our Trip Up North

Today, Jaxson and I headed up North to Eldora to visit my grandma and Aunt Wendy.  Grandma took us out to lunch and then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing at her house.  Jaxson enjoyed showing off all of his animal sounds and of course he loved following Aunt Wendy around and helping her with the laundry.  We were bummed that we weren’t able to go outside and play.  Eventhough it was in the 60’s, the wind was so terrible that I probably would have had to hang on to Jaxson so that he didn’t blow away.  After supper we then headed to Hubbard to see G & G Winter.  Then we all went out to Brandon’s farm (the farm I grew up on) to see his new calves.  Jaxson loved looking at the cows and hearing them “moo.”  He wasn’t too sure about petting the calves, he would rather just look at them.

Jaxson sitting with his buddy, Great Aunt Wendy.

Grandpa showing Jaxson the cows.
This is Brandon’s calf that he delivered two days ago on his own after giving the cow an episiotomy (OUCH) and rescusitating the calf after it was born.  Way to go Doc Winter!  Jaxson didn’t seem too impressed by it though.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tanya
    Apr 17, 2008 @ 00:27:19

    So cool to see Jaxson out on the farm! I can’t believe Brandon saved that calf! Awesome!


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