More Fun!

Lastnight my JUGS (Just Us GirlS) group finally got back together for a girls night out.  It’s been a long time because there were several of the girls very pregnant.  So the girls left the babies at home and got out of the house.  We went to Super Suppers and made some yummy meals and had a great time.  While I was out, Brad was at a neuro meeting and Jaxson got to go to soccer practice with my neighbor and her daughter.  Brad called them when he got done with his meeting to see if he should go get him, but he was having such a great time that he just left him with the girls.  Out of all of us, Jaxson was out the latest.

Jaxson and I went to Backyard Adventures this morning to burn off some energy.  It always works.  Then this afternoon, I got Jaxson’s new pool out and we invited Jack down to cool off.  The boys had such a fun time.

“Brrr. . . this is cold”
Of course we can’t do anything without the truck.
Jaxson’s giving the giraffe a drink.
“I love my giraffe pool”

Jaxson liked spraying Jack with the water, and Jack liked it. . . most of the time.
“Hey Jaxson, fill me up. . . I’m thirsty.”
Going down the slide

How cute is that?

Jaxson’s throwing water on Jack

Exciting Family News!

We are excited to announce that we are expecting. . . .a niece or nephew!  That’s right, Andy and Mindy are going to have a baby.  Mindy is due December 7th with their first child.  We are so happy and excited for them. 

Memorial Day Weekend

We hope everyone had a chance to relax and celebrate Memorial Day today.  We celebrated Memorial Day with family.  We had a Cathcart family BBQ at our house for lunch.  After lunch, Kris and I took on Steve and Brad in a game of ladder ball.  Sorry to say, that after leading almost the whole game, Kris and I let the guys win.  I have to say that we didn’t do too bad for it being our first time playing.  Then this afternoon, we had Tanya, Heath, Mike, Brandy, Jack, and Benjamin over for supper.  We had a great time.  Jack and Jaxson still managed to be the entertainment of the party.  The boys had a lot of fun playing with Jaxson’s water table.  They thought it was hilarious when Jaxson would scoop water up and throw it or dump it on Jack.  Both boys got soaked! It was so funny and cute watching them play well together and make each other laugh. 

Enjoying a snack with Papa.
Sleepy boy
The water fight begins
Splish Splash I’m not gonna need a bath
Jack looks like he needs a bath
silly boys


Music Class

Jaxson and I had our last Mommy & Me music class for the summer.  We’ve really enjoyed going to these classes because it got us out of the house and it was a lot of fun watching all of the little kids sing, dance, and play.  We’ll be looking forward to going again in the fall.

Go figure, Jaxson picked a drum to play.

He likes to see how many balls he can carry at once.
Jaxson found a little girl to play with.

The Finished Product

Brad was able to finish the shed today and it looks great.  We have already started filling it up with misc. stuff from the garage.  Now all we need to do is get our basement finished off, which will get the rest of the drywall and 2×4’s out of the way, and then maybe Brad can finally get the truck back in the garage.

Our new shed
It was warm enough to get Jaxson’s new water table out.  He loved it!
Daddy and Jaxson went for a little bike ride today too.
You can’t tell by his expression, but he really does like it.

A Beautiful Week

What a beautiful week this has been!  We have spent the whole week playing and working outside.  As soon as Jaxson goes down for his nap, I have been going right back outside to work in the yard.  Today I spent his whole nap time cleaning out the van, what a mess that was after our long winter.  I feel like I have a brand new vehicle.  Brad got the afternoon off today, so he spent the afternoon getting a new shed for our backyard.  Brad and our neighbor, Mike, used their wheelbarrows and hauled rock from Mike’s house to our backyard for the foundation of our shed.  Whew! I’m glad that’s all done, it was really tiring watching them load and unload all of that rock.  Good job guys and thanks a bunch Mike!  Then our other neighbor, Jeff, volunteered to help Brad put the shed together.  After just a couple hours, it’s almost done.  The finishing touches will have to be put on tomorrow.  Jaxson and I also went to the zoo again today with my MOPS group. . . and boy was it a zoo (excuse the pun).  I think every school and day care in central Iowa was on their field trip today to the Blank Park Zoo.  It was so busy that they even closed down the parking lot because there were no more parking spaces and there were so many buses.  Tomorrow we are going downtown to the Farmer’s Market.  I’m excited because I’ve never been to the one downtown and everyone is always talking about how great it is, so I am going to see for myself.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Jaxson and Jack like to give hugs. . . how adorable are they?

Enjoying an afternoon snack on the front step.
Jaxson’s new favorite toy.

Jaxson helping Mommy with the yard work.
Workin’ on the shed.

Double Whammie Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers out there.  It truly is the most rewarding job, but also the hardest.  If only we got paid the $117,000 that they say a stay-at-home mom should be paid, now wouldn’t that be nice.  I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. . . at work, yuck! Not only was it Mother’s Day, but it was also my birthday.  Yep, I turned the big 2-7.  The girls at work made it a very nice day for me.  They brought in treats to celebrate and they also made me leave at 8 pm eventhough I wasn’t done admitting my train wreck patient; they stayed and did the rest for me so that I could get home while Jaxson was still awake to celebrate a little bit of Mother’s Day and Bday.  Brad and Jaxson got me an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen (yum yum) and I also got a digital picture frame.  All in all it was a good day.  Once again I am looking forward to two more weeks off.  Now that’s a good birthday gift!

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