Happy May Day

Well, I was pleasantly surprised this morning when it was already 61 degrees by 8:00.  We are still waiting for the severe thunderstorms that we are supposed to get today, but until then we are enjoying the beautiful weather.  Jaxson usually gets to play with his friend, Jack, that lives right down the street at least once a day.  They sure are a pair.  Jack is eight days older than Jaxson and they like the same things.  They usually play well together, but there are those times that they both want the same toy and one of them throws a tantrum.  But it is so cute when they first see each other for the day because one of them usually squeels and they run towards each other. . . or sometimes Jaxson runs from him because he knows that Jack wants his toy; it depends on the day.  The boys played so hard outside this morning that when Jaxson came in, he laid down on the floor and fell asleep before eating lunch.

Jaxson loves when Jack pushes him on his bike.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Brandy
    May 02, 2008 @ 17:43:32

    cute photo, and they are both smiling!


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