A Beautiful Week

What a beautiful week this has been!  We have spent the whole week playing and working outside.  As soon as Jaxson goes down for his nap, I have been going right back outside to work in the yard.  Today I spent his whole nap time cleaning out the van, what a mess that was after our long winter.  I feel like I have a brand new vehicle.  Brad got the afternoon off today, so he spent the afternoon getting a new shed for our backyard.  Brad and our neighbor, Mike, used their wheelbarrows and hauled rock from Mike’s house to our backyard for the foundation of our shed.  Whew! I’m glad that’s all done, it was really tiring watching them load and unload all of that rock.  Good job guys and thanks a bunch Mike!  Then our other neighbor, Jeff, volunteered to help Brad put the shed together.  After just a couple hours, it’s almost done.  The finishing touches will have to be put on tomorrow.  Jaxson and I also went to the zoo again today with my MOPS group. . . and boy was it a zoo (excuse the pun).  I think every school and day care in central Iowa was on their field trip today to the Blank Park Zoo.  It was so busy that they even closed down the parking lot because there were no more parking spaces and there were so many buses.  Tomorrow we are going downtown to the Farmer’s Market.  I’m excited because I’ve never been to the one downtown and everyone is always talking about how great it is, so I am going to see for myself.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Jaxson and Jack like to give hugs. . . how adorable are they?

Enjoying an afternoon snack on the front step.
Jaxson’s new favorite toy.

Jaxson helping Mommy with the yard work.
Workin’ on the shed.

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