More Fun!

Lastnight my JUGS (Just Us GirlS) group finally got back together for a girls night out.  It’s been a long time because there were several of the girls very pregnant.  So the girls left the babies at home and got out of the house.  We went to Super Suppers and made some yummy meals and had a great time.  While I was out, Brad was at a neuro meeting and Jaxson got to go to soccer practice with my neighbor and her daughter.  Brad called them when he got done with his meeting to see if he should go get him, but he was having such a great time that he just left him with the girls.  Out of all of us, Jaxson was out the latest.

Jaxson and I went to Backyard Adventures this morning to burn off some energy.  It always works.  Then this afternoon, I got Jaxson’s new pool out and we invited Jack down to cool off.  The boys had such a fun time.

“Brrr. . . this is cold”
Of course we can’t do anything without the truck.
Jaxson’s giving the giraffe a drink.
“I love my giraffe pool”

Jaxson liked spraying Jack with the water, and Jack liked it. . . most of the time.
“Hey Jaxson, fill me up. . . I’m thirsty.”
Going down the slide

How cute is that?

Jaxson’s throwing water on Jack

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erika Holmes
    Jun 02, 2008 @ 18:32:33

    I even think that giraffe pool looks like fun. Barrett might need one of those too… Jaxson is looking so big these days, can’t believe our boys are almost two!!


  2. Belinda
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 21:53:37

    Steph, Super Suppers seems right up my alley! I’m actually going to start selling Homemade Gourmet and they have a bacon cheeseburger meatloaf that is awesome for $5.50! Interested? I’ll have to give you more details later. Now I’m hungery. Thanks!


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