Weekend Fun

The weather was so beautiful this weekend.  At least the boys got a chance to get out and enjoy it.  They spent all day on Saturday outside.  They went on bike rides, played at the park, and played in the pool.  On Sunday, Brad decided at the last minute to pack up and head up to Gowrie for the day.  Jaxson had a lot of fun playing with Papa and Grandma.  I had a good weekend at work.  I have a student with me right now who is finishing up her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Mt. Mercy.  She has to be with me for 172 hours and this was her second weekend.  We get along very well and she is a hard worker and very eager to learn.  I was very proud of her this weekend when she did her very first corpak (feeding tube that goes in the nose and to the stomach) and got it in on her first try and got it in the right spot.   That doesn’t happen very often.  It’s fun quizzing her and watching her learn and experience new things.

Grandma’s putting my lotion on so I don’t get a sunburn.
Papa’s thirsty
Papa needs to cool off
Relaxin’ in the hot tub
Jaxson’s new wheels.
"Faster Papa, faster!"

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