Father’s Day Weekend

WOW, what a fun and busy weekend we’ve had.  It started on Friday evening when we took off and went to Jodi’s house, who is my stepsister.  She was having a BBQ for my stepbrother, Jason, who I think was leaving today for Alabama for some training and then is going to Iraq in a few months.  He flies helicopters and will be flying the medivac helicopters over in Iraq.  So please keep him in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time for his family, especially his wife, Maggie, and their 2-year-old son, Connor.  From there, we went to Mom and Mike’s house to start our weekend-long celebration of Hubbard Days.  I haven’t been able to attend Hubbard Days for several years, so it was nice being able to get back for that.  Mom and I went up to town on Friday night to check out the street dance.  We had a great time and I even won a raffle.  Now don’t get too excited.  I won a free Miller Lite hat.  I had a hard time finding someone to take it off of my hands for me so that I didn’t have to carry it around all night.  I finally made my brother take it.  Saturday morning we all attended the parade.  Jaxson had a great time watching all of the firetrucks, tractors, and horses.  He also got to see Grandpa Winter in the parade as he was pulling a hayrack for his high school class reunion.  We then hung out at Dad and Brenda’s for a while and grilled hot dogs and brats.  Just as we were about to head downtown to check out some of the rides, the sky turned very dark and it started to downpour and hail.  Luckily it didn’t last long, so once that passed, we headed downtown to check things out.  They had a very cute smiley face train that was giving free rides to the kids.  Jaxson probably rode that thing for a half hour and didn’t want to get off.  The best entertainment I have to say was watching the water fights with the fire hoses.  Dad, Brandon, Heath, and Brad, also known as team Drippie Hose, were a team and competed.  They made it to the second round but lost to the defending champs, who were a team of firefighters.  Good job guys, maybe next year.  This morning we headed over to Gowrie to see Papa Steve on Father’s Day.  Grandma Kris surprised us later this afternoon by getting off of work early.  We then returned home this evening and had a little Father’s Day celebration of our own.  Jaxson got Brad a remote car starter for his truck, which will be very nice this winter.  It was great to spend time with all of the special fathers in my life over the weekend.  Happy Father’s Day!

Just waitin’ for the parade to start.
OOOHHH AAHHHH look at that (I don’t remember what we were looking at)
Kade did the tractor pull and advanced to the second round

Playin’ with Papa

I think someone is having a good time.
Sleepy boy
The clan waiting for team Drippie Hose’s turn to compete.
Team Drippie Hose – Dad, Brad, Heath, and Brandon.  Ready. . . Set. . .
In the first round, they came a few feet short of losing, but. . .
Brandon kicked it into high gear and they won!

Jaxson got to help Grandpa Mike mow
Mom found a box in her basement with a bunch of my stuff from HS.  It was fun going through it all and laughing at what we found.  Mom didn’t want to frame my sign and put it downstairs at their bar, so it got tossed.
Jaxson’s cleaning up his mess from lunch
Jaxson, Connor, Kenneth, and Abbie playing in their playhouse
Connor, Kenneth, Abbie, and Jaxson
Kenneth and Jaxson playing trucks
Jaxson is so excited that it’s Father’s Day
Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mindy
    Jun 16, 2008 @ 20:26:14

    Looks like you had a great Father’s Day. Love Jaxson’s new hair cut!! Very cute!


  2. Aunt Tanya
    Jun 17, 2008 @ 01:25:21

    It’s definitely time to retire the Hardin County Queen tiara!


  3. Brandy
    Jun 17, 2008 @ 19:15:57

    looks like a fun weekend!


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