Uncle Heath’s Little Helper

Once again Jaxson has loved having Uncle Heath here for almost the past two weeks.  This morning he was sitting at the front door looking for Heath and saying "He," which is his way of saying "Heath."  When Heath is working in the basement, Jaxson will press his face up against the door and "talk" to him.  All he ever says thru the door is "doy."  We have yet to figure out what that means.  Then Heath usually responds with something and Jaxson takes off running and laughing hysterically and then it starts all over again. It’s pretty entertaining.  The basement is coming along nicely.  Heath is going to prime it all for me tomorrow and the plumber is going to come and install a sink for me.  We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 


My Last Weekend At Work

I am officially done with my 12-hour shifts on the weekends at the hospital!! Yes, I am excited about this.  We had another good weekend at work.  My student, Katie, was done on Saturday with her 172 hours.  I was sad to see her leave and how dare she leave me after being my sidekick and doing most all of my work for a couple months now.  That left me to do all of my work on my last day.  I am happy to report that I did survive, but barely.  Late afternoon on Sunday, they called a tornado warning at the hospital.  At first I thought it was a drill because the last time that I had looked outside it was very nice out.  So I looked out the window and saw the black skies to the north and figured that it probably wasn’t a drill.  So that meant that we had to get all of the patients out into the hallway until they called the all-clear, which ended up being an hour later.  That always makes for an interesting evening.  I’m also happy to report that with all of the heavy rain, our basement held up very nicely.  Not a single drop of water was found.  Heath is moving right along on the basement.  All four walls are now up and I believe that he is ready to put the texture on tomorrow.  Brad and I have been out most evenings looking for stuff to put in our basement, i.e a flat-screen TV and a leather couch to go with it.  I will be glad when it is all done.   We are looking forward to going up to Hubbard this weekend.  My mom and Mike are having their annual summer party, which is always fun.  We will also be seeing my Aunt Patty who will be coming in from Oregon on Wednesday.  We haven’t seen her since Heath and Tanya’s wedding.  I’m sure we will have a lot of good pictures to post when we get back.

Jaxson got to play in the sprinkler for the first time last week.  He LOVED it!  I think it’s a bigger hit than the pool.
He had to clean off all of his toys in the sprinkler.

What’s Going On

Last Friday I didn’t have any daycare kids, so Jaxson and I hit more garage sales.  We found a lot of good deals and of course came home with two more fire trucks.  I’ve also been looking for more “girl toys” since I don’t have many of those.  I found a little baby that looked to be in very good shape and brought it home.  Well, I don’t know if any girls are going to be able to play with it because Jaxson loves the little baby.  Baby now has to take naps and go to bed with Jaxson.  He also pushes it around in his toy shopping cart. It’s pretty cute.  Work went well this last weekend.  I’ve had a student nurse with me for several weeks now, so she is able to most things on her own.  She is doing so great that myself and all of the other nurses are trying to persuade her to come work on North 6 when she is done with school.  Her last day is on Saturday and my last official weekend package day is on Sunday.  I am really looking forward to it.  I think I chose the perfect time to change to prn (as needed) since I was looking at our calendar and pretty much every weekend in August is already filled up with something.  It will be fun.

Jaxson with the new kitchen set for the daycare.  It’s a big hit.

Jaxson and Baby ready to go take a nap.

Wisconsin Dells

We just got back from our Cathcart family vacation to the Wisconsin Dells.  We had a fabulous time!  We started our vacation early Thursday morning and got up there at a good time.  We stayed at the Chula Vista resort, which was beautiful and a lot of fun.  They have a HUGE indoor and outdoor waterpark that we enjoyed.  We hit the waterpark as soon as we got there.  Brad and Andy were brave enough to try out the crazy outdoor waterslides.  They were like little kids, when they got to the bottom they were both laughing and smiling and saying “Let’s do that again!”  Jaxson loved hanging out in the regular pool.  We would take turns swimming with him.  He liked to show off his bath tub moves of back floating and blowing bubbles in the water.  His favorite thing to do was to play with his trucks by the pool.  Friday morning we hit the local Tanger Outlet Mall and found some good deals and then it was back to the waterpark that afternoon.  I even got brave enough and tried the indoor waterslides.  They were insane!  Brad and I went down the “toilet bowl” waterslide together on a tube and it literally took my breath away.  It was so scary but fun.  Jaxson’s favorite part about the indoor waterpark was the lazy river.  He loved riding with Brad and I on a tube and loved watching Daddy get wet from the waterfalls. Saturday morning, Steve, Kris, Brad, and I took Jaxson to the Timbavati Wildlife Park, which was quite neat.  They had some exotic animals and of course the best part was that Jaxson got to ride the train.  Then it was back to the waterpark for more water fun. It’s nice to be home, but we look forward to going back to the Dells some time.  I’m afraid that Jaxson is going to wake up in the morning and the first word out of his mouth is going to be “pool.”

He was a good little rider. . . of course with the help of paci and blankie.

Showing off his pool moves.

Racing down the slide.  Andy on the left and Brad on the right. . . Brad won.
I’d like a vanilla cone please.

Part of the indoor waterpark

Jaxson out on our balcony feeding the ducks below some Cheerios.
Feeding the giraffe

Enjoying the children’s lazy river.
Andy and Mindy
Steve and Kris
Keeping papa up late at night.


Last week, my dad, Brenda, and Dru came down for a little visit.  They stopped by and had pizza with us before going to get Brenda’s daughter, Jamie, at the airport.  Jaxson had a great time playing with them. 

Little Gary

Happy 4th Of July!

We spent our Independence Day in Gowrie with the Cathcarts.  Gowrie always has a huge celebration.  On Friday, they had a great parade with fire trucks, tractors, and even professional dirt bike racers, which Jaxson loved all of it.  He definitely enjoyed the parade more this year than last year.  After the parade, we enjoyed walking through the park, which was full of vendors and carnival rides.  Jaxson enjoyed riding on the carousel and the trucks later that afternoon.  We had to head back home that evening since I had to work in the morning, so we were party poopers and skipped out on the fireworks.

Mindy and Andy waiting for the parade to start.
"Mom, look at the fire trucks!"

Jaxson’s first carousel ride.

Happy 30th Birthday Tanya!

My big sis had her 30th birthday last week.  My she’s getting old. Heath threw her a 30th birthday bash at their house this last Saturday.  We had a great time and I think the birthday girl did too.

Jaxson helping Aunt Tanya open her birthday present.
“UGH, what is that?”  * note Jaxson’s facial expression*

Playing FB with Uncle Brandon.