Babies, Babies, Babies

We are excited about some new additions for our friends.  Last week, a day after Jaxson’s birthday, our friends and neighbors across the street had a beautiful baby girl.  Her name is Amisha and has Miah as her big sister.  She is a very pretty baby.  We look forward to watching her grow up.  I’m also excited for my friend Erika Holmes (Leerberg), who also had a baby girl today in Austin, TX.  Her name is Evelyn Jayne and from what I’ve heard everyone is doing well.  Congratulations!

My first time meeting Amisha.

Welcoming Home A Champion

Since we now have an Olympic Gold Medalist living on our street, our neighborhood got in the spirit to welcome her home.  Brandy, Jack’s mom, got balloons for all of the mailboxes on the street and a lot of people, including myself, pulled out our non-existant artistic talent and made signs.  It takes a lot for me to do something like that, but I thought that I could do something for an Olympic champion. We were expecting her home yesterday evening, but she took a detour to the Late Show with David Letterman before coming home, so she didn’t get home until after 10pm.  Hopefully now that she’s home, she can get some well deserved R&R.

The neighbors hung this sign in Shawn’s garage.
Our sign welcoming Shawn home.

Family Time

This past weekend we went back to Gowrie to spend some time with the Cathcart family.  On Friday evening we enjoyed a great supper with Lisa, Karl, and Laura and also Joe and Marilyn, Brad’s Aunt and Uncle from Springfield, MO, who came for the weekend. It was great spending time with them.  They hadn’t seen Jaxson since he was six weeks old at Andy and Mindy’s wedding.  We came back to Des Moines on Saturday evening so that we could help Devon celebrate his 15th birthday.  We ate supper at Chili’s and then went back to Heath and Tanya’s house for some cake and ice cream.  Jaxson had a lot of fun playing outside with all of the kids and watching Kade play drums.  I guess he got so excited that he was jumping on the couch and fell of face first twice and didn’t even care.  What a nut!  On Sunday we enjoyed going to church and once again Jaxson behaved quite well.  He liked that we were sitting next to two cute girls so he "flirted" with them throughout the service.  While at church, I got to thinking that I will be able to register Jaxson for preschool pretty soon.  I can’t believe it!  I’m going to be registering my baby for school!  Our church has a preschool and I would love it if he was able to go there.  I contacted the gal in charge of it and they start the registration for next year in November.  Crazy! 

Uncle Joe and Aunt Marilyn
Uncle Karl and Aunt Lisa

Celebrating Devon’s birthday
We found this chicken hat that we got at our wedding while cleaning out the basement.

Happpy 2nd Brithday Jaxson!

We can’t believe that our little boy is two years old already.  He has been the greatest joy in our lives.  Everyday he is fascinating us with something new and funny.  It is so fun watching him learn and grow everyday.  To celebrate his 2nd birthday, Brad and I had a little party for him again.  Of course we had to give him some more presents because he is such a good little boy.

“Good morning Birthday Boy!”
Jaxson got some bath crayons for his birthday.  They work very well.
Yeah, another truck book!
“CHOO CHOO”  He got a Thomas the Train whistle.
“I don’t want my birthday to be over.”

What A Weekend!

Our whirlwind weekend started off on Saturday morning when we took Jaxson to get his two year old pictures taken.  He did such a good job and we got some good pictures.

He’s showing off his muscles.
Getting ready for football season with a TOUCHDOWN!

After getting pictures taken, we headed off to Jack’s 2nd birthday party at his house.  He had a truck themed birthday.  We all had a great time watching all of the kids play and Jack open his presents.

The birthday boy.
Jack’s cake that his mommy made for him.

YEAH, it’s time for cake!
Silly boys

Then it was home for naps for all of us.  Then we went to the Clive Aquatic Center with our neighbors, Matt and Miah.  That was the first time that Jaxson and I had been there and of course he loved it.  He loved watching Daddy go down the big slide and off the diving boards, he’s still talking about that today.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to take my camera with me since it was out of batteries since it’s been working overtime lately. Then it was home to continue working on the basement, which is coming along nicely.

While cleaning, Brad came across his old trombone.  Jaxson loved watching Brad play it and he liked to try it out himself.
Jaxson loves to help me with everything.  Now that he has his own stool, he likes to help with dishes.

Today, I put in my one shift at the hospital.  I had a good day and it was nice to be back, but it was even nicer coming home again.  The boys had gone next door to Maxwell’s 1st birthday party.  So I headed over there for some more cake and ice cream.  What a busy weekend full of time with friends and cake and ice cream.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Olympic Party Follow Up

So Brad went back down to the olympic party for Shawn Johnson after we brought Jaxson home and put him to bed.  When he went back down, Channel 13 news was there interviewing people and Brad made it on the news.  They didn’t interview him, but you can see him standing next to Shawn’s grandma in the background helping hold up the tent because it was raining and hailing.  I just watched her win another silver medal for the floor exercise.  Let’s hope she can bring home a gold!

Olympic Party

Most of you probably know by now that Shawn Johnson lives just nine houses down the street from us in the cul-de-sac.  So of course the Olympics have been the big buzz around here.  A family down in the cul-de-sac rented a huge TV and put it in their garage and has been having a potluck every night that Shawn has been competing.  We went down to the big party tonight and had a lot of fun, but it’s too bad that Shawn didn’t start competing until 10:00.  We brought Jaxson home around 8:30 to give him a bath and put him to bed and Brad headed back down for a while and ended up getting hailed on.  So far it looks like she’s doing well tonight and hopefully she will end up with at least one gold to come home with.

The white sheet on the house had the American flag projected on it.
The two Dorito boys.

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