Party, Eat, Party, Eat

I feel like that’s all we did this last weekend, but I’m not complaining because it was great!  All of our partying started on Friday night when we went up to my dad’s house for their garden party.  They had a few friends over and we got to enjoy some great food and perfect weather.  Then we headed out to my mom’s house as they were getting ready for their 3rd annual summer family gathering.  Every year it gets bigger and bigger and it’s always a lot of fun seeing the family and getting caught up.  This year was extra special because my Aunt Patty and her son, Jamie, made it back from Oregon.  Patty was back last year for Tanya and Heath’s wedding, but Jamie hasn’t been back for almost nine years, so it was great seeing him.  The party was a big success.  I’m guessing there were probably 50-60 people there throughout the day.  We had wonderful food and perfect weather.  We’re lucky that it didn’t get as hot as they said it was supposed to and we had a very nice breeze to keep us cool.  After the big summer party, we came back to WDM to go to our monthly neighborhood potluck at the park (it’s actually the first one that we’ve been able to go to).  Luckily one of the couples was nice enough to decide to host it at their home since it was so stinkin’ hot out.  There were four couples and their kids that came.  We had a great time meeting some of the families for the first time and we look forward to doing it again next month.

Grandpa Winter with Jaxson
Grandma Winter
Jaxson is testing out the triple slip-and-slide the night before the party.
Brad and Mom roasting marshmallows for our smores.
Aunt Patty and Jaxson waiting for their smores to be done.
Jaxson is blowing on the hot fire.
Jaxson LOVES smores!
Jaxson enjoying some chips.
Uncle Kenny, cousin Kyle, and Uncle Randy hard at work on the grill.
Grandma with her friends Kenny and Agnes
The boys hard at work trying to stay out of the sun.
Grandma with her brother, Jerry, and his wife, Nancy.  It was their 49th wedding anniversary on Saturday.
We always have to get a silly pic together.

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